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Monday, October 17, 2005

Achy Stomach and Tired

I hate being sick. I got whatever stomach virus was going around. I slept like crapola last night and remember nothing of what I dreamed. I was up and down all night going to the restroom. The bad thing is I can't even do much reading right now, I'm so damn figity and achy all over. So I've been watching tv, reading, working on Marcel's Link sword and browsing online while Lana's out playing with her horse at the barn. To top it all off, I'm tired. Arg.

I did do a few productive things today though. I was looking for something new to read and finally settled on something but not before I remembered a book I read back in High School. I couldn't remember the name of the book but after recalling most of the plot and main events of the story, I found it on Google!! It was a book I borrowed from "Shotgun Shelly" back in the tenth grade and I remember it being a really awesome book. I only hope that it stands the test of time when I read it again. I'm probably going to order it in the next few days on Amazon. I don't know that I'll get any good reading done over the next few weeks though with Halloween right around the corner and much left to do still.

Lana and Allison have decided I need to be Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean so they went out to buy the pattern and fabric last night. There pretty excited about it so I'll let 'em run with it plus it frees me up to work on the yard headstones. I showed my dad Marcel's finished Tusken Raider costume when he stopped by the other day. He smiled pretty big and said, "Man, I miss Halloween with you boys." It really got me thinking. I do too.

Speaking of parents, Lana and I were talking in the car the other day talking about how we worry about our parents since they don't really talk to us about how their doing.

Lana, looking out the window says, "I hope that when we're that age our kids don't worry about us."
I smiled, waited a moment then said, "You said kids."
She looked a little taken back for a moment then immediately came back with, "That's because I'm going to buy you another one." and grinned at me, just challenging me to question to truth of her slip up. :)

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