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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Six Rolls of Duct Tape and Two Willing Women

Halloween is right around the corner and we're busy doing what we should have done last month. Lana found the pattern she wants to use for her costume when her and Allison were at the fabric store. She also picked up the burlap cloth for Marcel's Tusken Raider costume. The next few days I'm going to be busy finishing up the Tusken Raider costumes and making as many headstones as possible. I'm thinking of having a get together this Sunday to work on Halloween stuff.

I did get to take duct tape to Allison and Lana the other night plus I got to cut their cloths off! Well, they were wearing cloths underneath but it was still fun. I was surprised Lana was down for making a duct tape dummy. My baby, being the claustrophobic person she is, was actually very willing. Tonight we tape them back together and stuff them. Kelly took plenty of pictures, but I'll only put a few online since I don't think Allison would let me even though none of them are revealing. She did object a little to me hanging the roll of duct tape off her taped up tits. I thought it was pretty amusing myself. Marcel wants to make another one this year since he's grown so much since last year but I don't know if I'll really need one. I'll probably make him one just because though. It's something I'll be able to keep and always have so long as I keep it from the cat, dogs, and the kids. I had to take the last one from the kids because they were throwing it down the stairs and beating it with a level of violence I just wasn't comfortable with. It was like watching them tear into a pinata for no other reason than the sheer joy of it. Scary.

I hadn't done much today other than work on my new GURPS campaign taking notes, play Zuma, and take care of Marcel while he's running a fever. It's been a pretty lethargic day so far. I gotta find the energy sometime tonight to work on the Halloween stuff. Arg.

Well, enough rambling for now so I'm off to play with plaster now. :)


  1. a few, I only see one pic?? :)


  2. well, unless Allison says I can post her pics I'll have to save them for just myself. ;)
    That's a hint in case you missed it Allison...