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Monday, October 3, 2005

Vasoline Has Many Uses

In the past few days things have fallen back into order. Trying to catch up on laundry, keeping the kitchen clean, picking up after everyone, etc. Life as usual I guess. I've even managed to clean up most of my yard. I did find something very interesting in the front yard though while raking all the leaves.

I first noticed it walking out to the yard from the front door. It was a cd laying just under the bushes right next the porch. I figured it for just junk mail dropped on the way in. An aol cd, or maybe earthlink or something of the like. So I ignored it and figured I'd pick it up on my way inside. So for the next few hours I proceeded to pick up the mess of sticks, branches, and leaves I had been working so hard on ignoring the past week. I finally decided that it was time for a glass of water, so I picked up on the way in. I couldn't quite figure out what I was looking at, at first, so I read the title of the disk. Anal Rampage. Women Who Do Men. Suddenly the picture became clear on the cover, sort of like staring at a stereogram poster does after losing focus. It was an image of two butts, a woman humping a hairy ass with a strap-on. It went directly into the trash after I broke it a few times. If you have children you'd understand. Even something in the trash isn't safe from rescue. It's not exactly how I want my son learning about sex so I made sure it wasn't viewable. Women who do men. ugggggg. Speaking of vasoline, we did end up lubbing Micah up by the end of the night.

Micah finally did his body cast! It didn't take us near as long this time and we corrected a lot of minor mistakes this time. We did it outside where it was cooler, he had a fan on him the whole time, his heels were padded and we made sure he took deep breaths while the chest strips were setting. It took us just two hours compared to what took us just over three last time. It came out pretty damn good too. Now the only thing left is to add supporting plaster strips to weak spots and cast the Fiberglas Micah version.

We've still got a lot to do for Halloween. I think I'm going to make that a priority this week. More work on the costumes plus pump out a few more headstones. We work better under pressure anyway. I guess that's all I have to ramble about for now.

Oh, one more thing. I'd like to personally volunteer my camera and steady hands for any women who'd like to make a donation to It's all for a good cause to save something we all cherish for one reason or another. I do it for charity...

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