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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey Day Nears...

Today I woke up feeling just a little fucked up. I didn't sleep as well as I would have liked thanks to some annoying girl who insisted on standing in the corner of my bedroom threatening me with her monster under my bed. Another one of my many weird paralysis dreams. Creepy little bitch. Anyway.

We went to go see the new Johnny Cash movie last night finally. It was eerie to watch Joaquin Phoenix emulate the man in black so wonderfully. I really loved the movie even after having read his biography. With a life as full and rich as his they really did him justice by focusing on the story of him and June. I loved how they worked in little details from his autobiography into the movie. I can't wait for the DVD box set that I'm sure will follow it up eight months from now. Right now I'm just happy to have my computer up and running again. I finally got around to updating it to the service pack two a couple days ago and somewhere in the shuffle I lost a whole folder of stuff. It may not seem like a big deal but it was my website template folder with all my website graphics. It's a damn good thing that my site is pretty dirt simple graphically and won't be hard to reproduce. To top it all off, my internet connection's been disconnected for the past day and a half. So I've been reading lately.

I finally threw in the towel on Wraeththu. I hate giving up on a book but daaaamn. I really like the plot setting. A whole new race arise from humans that slowly simply take over. Their smarter, beautiful, mystical, and powerful enemies. They're also hemaphroditic which makes the sex scenes a little hard to stomach, unless of course, your into that sort of thing. I think Helen might dig it though. Blah. I made as far as the first book but found that despite good writing style, it does the writer no good if the story you're telling isn't compelling enough to your reader to care how it all ends. I just don't care if the newly reborn gay guy who's to be king of the race of hemaphrodites finds his long lost love Cal.

So I moved on to complete the space opera I've been tearing into. I picked up the final book, Absolution Gap, yesterday at the bookstore. I'm already almost a quarter through it and thoroughly love this guys style. I'm sure it helps that the story I just gave up on was boring me to tears but I really love the way this guy tells a story. It's always refreshing to find good sci-fi you can believe and invest emotionally in. I'm torn with reading some more tonight or ordering the UFC 56 to watch again while Lana cooks Thanksgiving dinner.

I went to watch the fight with Oscar after a day of paintballing but I'd like to have it on TiVo to replay some of the fights. We went out to some buffalo wings place to watch it and I gotta say I loved it. The fights were great, the food was good (even if over-priced) and the huge projection screens made it worth waiting for our table. I'm dying to watch the rematch of Chucky and Couture this Febuary. I'm thinking of maybe trying to be there for the fight. I'll be in Las Vagas around the same time, thanks to Lana's Passion Party Convention so I'll have to hope and see... :)

Well, off to jam out some more to Helmet before I head back to the house. 'Night!

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