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Monday, November 7, 2005

A Venture Out

I finally got a chance to get out of the house. I hate being cooped up, feeling so restless, constantly banging my head against the same damn wall. I had tried getting out on Saturday but thanks to a misunderstanding, I ended up taking Marcel out to the movies instead, which wasn't too bad either. I had originally planned on heading out to the movies and making it a movie day but Lana got back from the barn later than I thought she'd be back, of course. So instead of Daddy seeing Saw II and Jarhead I ended up watching Chicken Little with Marcel.

We had a pretty good time. I had brought my book along with me but I never got a chance to crack it open. We got there a little later than planned thanks to a missing shoe and had to watch the later show. It worked out good though since it was a Saturday. I normally hate weekend movie crowds. I absolutely HATE them. Nobody's there to really enjoy the immersion of a good movie. They're there to visit with their friends, crack jokes, and make out. Being that it was kid movie though we dodged that whole crowd and got the family crowd which I've come to really like. The only thing better than listening in on half conversations at a movie theatre is listening in on half conversations at a family restaurant.

We talked the whole time while waiting for the movie to start, we shared a hotdog and coke, and chowed down on some freshly popped buttery popcorn. The kids in the audience were great. No crying babies, no running children in the isles, the parents were great about keeping the children talk to a minimum, and my seat didn't get kicked once by the kids behind me. I actually enjoyed it and felt I was in good company. Marcel really liked the movie and I have to say I did as well. It was no Toy Story but it was fun all the same. You ever heard a full audience of children laugh out loud? It's truly one of the best sounds.

Yesterday I got a chance to finally get a little Alex R&R. I hit Half Price Books and just got lost for hours. I found some really great stuff and now I'm really anxious to get through the book I'm currently reading, Wraeththu. It's very well written and I like the flow but some of the content is a little hard to get through only because of the subject. I found a 1978 edition of The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge!! This isn't the trilogy book (which I loaned out years ago and never got back), this isn't the reissue of 1986, this is a 1978 printing! While not the first edition (far from it), it's still a very nice find. I couldn't find a copy of Necroscope (another set of books I loaned out and never got back) but I did manage to replace the rest of the series again. The Gunslinger series is always gone (need I say it?) so I'll have to wait to replace those. I left after hours of camping upstairs and browsing everywhere else. I left with two bags full of books, some old, some new, some replacements, and stayed under forty. That's quite an accomplishment for me.

I almost lost any scrap of discipline I have at Nan's though. They have the a new expansion sets to Zombies there, Zombies MidEvil and Zombies: the End. I resisted and decided another time. I actually left Nan's with nothing, not even a single die. I was proud of myself.

I decided to wander back home after filling belly with sushi from Miyako's only to be rear-ended by some asshole on 59. It's the first accident I've been in years. I remember sitting there in stop and go traffic, I looked in my rear view mirror and realized, "that car's gonna hit me." It wasn't hard enough to set off the airbags but it jolted me pretty good and luckily I didn't hit the car in front of me. So I put my flashers on, moved over while he followed me with his lights off (first clue right?), and just as we're slowly exiting, he turns sharply across the feeder exit and halls ass back onto 59. Me, I'm stuck and can't back up and have to get back on at the next ramp. It's a good ten minutes before I even get back on thanks to Houston traffic. I eventually gave up on trying to find him and pull over to assess the damage. It wasn't bad at all other than a few paint rubs, but it did ruin my good mood and took the rest of the drive home for me to feel better about my day again. Asshole.

Today, I think I'll go to movies finally. Jarhead, Saw II, maybe both. I can't stand being in the house these days being all cooped up. Gotta get out, gotta get out, gotta get out...


  1. I hate Houston drivers.

    On a plus side, Stephen King is working with Marvel to create a Gunslinger comic...don't remember if it will go over the books, but it will definitely feature stories from Roland's younger days.

  2. With Marvel huh?? Cool!!! Have they decided who the artist is going to be yet??

  3. Jae Lee.

    Here's one of many links:

    I did a quick google search and found a ton of them!