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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lost Puppy Found

Just a quick post:

This puppy was found in the Newport neighborhood on the 28th of December wandering the cul-de-sac on Mariner Ct. She was found with no tags or collar. If you've recently lost your puppy please contact me at

Thursday night, while visiting with Micah and Kelly, a little girl from our neighborhood knocked on our door with puppy in hand. It was pretty late so I told her I'd take the puppy and find her owner so she wouldn't have to. I knew I'd be fighting the "Let's keep her!" argument from Marcel and Lana but last thing we need is another puppy despite how cute and very affectionate this puppy is. It is tempting but I know that someone in our neighborhood is missing a very happy and lost puppy.

I went door to door in my neighborhood placing fliers hoping to find her owner earlier today. I figured after running into a few rude neighbors it would probably be less intrusive to put fliers out then knocking door to door like I was originally. Silly me thought that door to door would also be a great way to meet a few of my neighbors. So if you live in the Newport neighborhood and have recently lost a puppy, email me.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is finally over. I'm relieved and sad at the same time. We spent Christmas Eve with family at the house this year with Lana's dad manning the grill. Since Mike and Xiomara decided to spend Christmas morning at their house this year we had the all kids open their presents from us together. We ate too much food, had some dessert, and sat around assembling Legos and pirate ships for the kids until it got late. It was a very nice evening. Lana, Helen and me ended up staying up into the early morning hours after Marcel had gone to bed watching Aliens 3. I'm not sure what time I woke up to find Helen and Lana asleep. Santa had already put Marcel's gifts out, filled the stockings, and ate the pumpkin pie Marcel left out him. I think it was around four in the morning when we finally made it to the bed.

Marcel made out like a little bandit this year but the big hit with him was the Star Wars Lightsaber Battle game. It was a pretty big hit amongst the adults as well. The video is of Marcel getting a little too close to my TV with his pimp saber action moves. I have some really great footage of Marcel, Lana and Helen showing off their saber moves but I doubt I'd live long if I put them online... Damn their funny though.

I spent most of Christmas morning feeling like I had been drugged. Marcel let us sleep in a bit this year and woke us up around ten. He came rushing in our room, so excited I couldn't help but jump out of bed immediately and follow him into the living room. He could barely contain himself long enough for Helen to get out of bed. It's really an awesome thing to see him that happy. Santa got him pretty much all the stuff he asked for and he deserved every bit of it. I'm such a lucky guy to have such a great kiddo. It was wonderfully drowsy Christmas morning.
A few Christmas highlights...
  • Visiting with my brother and all our kids while we assembled toys together
  • The first few moments when Marcel burst into my room on Christmas morning
  • Attacking Sally with the Roboraptor.
  • Watching Stitch run away from the inch tall windup toy.
  • Recording Lana and Helen talk shit while playing Star Wars Lightsaber Battle
  • Watching Marcel sing along to Star Wars Gangsta Rap on his MP3 player Santa left him.
  • Visiting with Lana's momma and family and knowing I'm welcome as family too.

I'm off to roller skate on the basketball court with the little man. Santa brought him some skates since he seemed to enjoy ice skating so much at Shelby's birthday party. It's probably going to be a long night of Lego Star Wars and Star Wars Lightsaber Battle game. Oh, and plenty of pumpkin pie. ;)

Here's a few of my favorite pictures from this Christmas. I hope everyone had as great a Christmas as we did. Merry Christmas everyone!


Friday, December 22, 2006

Yo Adrian!

coolhearse01Marcel's now officially on Christmas break now so we decided to celebrate the other night by going out to the movies. We went to go see the new Rocky Bolboa movie. I won't lie, I was pretty damn giddy. I hear that music and I get excited, I'm on the edge of my seat, and I'm pumped. The Rocky movies are on the level of iconic when it comes to my childhood. What kid didn't run around pretending to be Rocky when they first saw the movie? What adult didn't run around wishing they could be Rocky when they first saw the movie?? I particularly remember one little boy who was named after Rocky when we were in school. He was younger than me and my brother and would run around shadow boxing and hitting anyone who got close enough. I purchased our tickets online and made sure to buy a roll or Sweetarts at the gas station on the way to the movies since most theaters don't carry them anymore. I broke the roll in half and past the other half to my brother. Good times, good times...

Overall, not the great movie I was expecting after hearing all the awesome reviews, but much better than I was originally expecting. The boxing world needs something to get excited about, something to revitalize interest in the sport again. It wouldn't come as a great surprise if it was HBO that proposed the idea of a new Rocky movie Sylvester Stallone. The movie was well worth it for the one scene where Rocky confronts his son's anger outside the restaurant. What I love so much about all the movies, cheese and all, is that the theme behind the movies has always been about will. What do want and what is your will?

Other than that, we've been just taking it easy, counting down to Christmas. We've finished up all our shopping finally. On our way to Toys R us, after our riding lesson, we saw the coolest car. I saw it from the rear and started to daydream a bit about a hearse I wanted to buy when I was in high school. I noticed a Santa decal on the back and decided to pull up to it for a better look. When I came up beside it I noticed the flame decals and smiled. I reached for my camera though, grinning from ear to ear, when I saw the front end. I past the camera to Marcel when Lana started bitching at me for taking pictures while I drove. Marcel fumbled with the camera for a little while when they rolled down their window to tell me they were going to the mall if I wanted more pictures. Lana was hiding somewhere under the dash I think. So I followed them to the mall for a few more pictures. So we talked about his hearse car, he shared a few pictures with me, and told me how the engine was pulled from a local police car. His wife and Lana gave us the well known why-do-they-behave-this-way-in-public-with-me look while rolling their eyes and tried to stay out of the pictures. It didn't take long before other men were drawn to the car and camera phones came out. I'm really hoping to have the bus back on the road again by the end of January. There's just something about a well loved older car. They just get better with age.

Banned by the Boy Scouts of America

I'm going to vent just a little here so be warned. I recently got Marcel signed up into the Boy Scouts. I remember when my brother was involved in the Boy Scouts and I have some very fond memories. We had great leaders and our parents were always involved. I thought it would be nice to be able to provide Marcel with those kind of fond memories as well so I applied to be a Leader. I got the call on Wednesday to inform me that I was being declined for Boy Scout Leadership due to the content on this website. The tone in her voice was one of pure disgust and I was a little shocked. Anger came later. Yes, my website reflects the opinions of an adult of which are not appropriate for children to read. Yes, it does contain some links to some "pornographic" material. Am I going to be handing out business cards to the children with my link? No. Am I going to be providing other parents with my website address or personal email? No. As with everything in life there is a time a place for everything and I'm well aware of that. I'm not a fucking idiot. I had planned on designing the pack a website that would provide everyone email addresses and a forum so they could get a little organized with better communication. Meantime I had set up an alternate email address. I know that not all people are tolerant of how others choose to spend their private time so I was willing to tolerate their bigoted beliefs so my son could enjoy the good things they have to offer. I was willing to open my home to them, give them my time, and my will to help make the boy scouting experience for their children, as well as mine, a better one.

Unfortunately for them (and the kids) they're too caught up in the fact that I'm not one of them. I don't go to Sunday service of any kind. I teach my son about the many beliefs of people around the world and how they all have something to offer. I don't ask any god for blessings nor to I give thanks to any god for my accomplishments. I teach my son that he determines his level of success in life and that he's capable of whatever he sets his mind to. I don't teach my son that sex is nasty and that masturbation is sinful. The little curiosity he's shown in sex has been met with open and honest answers on how it's a natural and beautiful thing that adults do. We answer no more than what he asks about but we're honest with him. I do browse "porn" (by who's definition?) now then on my private time though, so that makes me someone "not to be associated with".

It was apparent in the five minute conversation we had that compromising never crossed their closed minds. I was willing to change my site if they asked despite the fact that the only way other parents would find me would be through googling me or "inappropriate material". I would have gone so far as to transfer my domain to a new name ( was at the top of the list) and changing some of the content. But that would have meant them accepting someone with different beliefs into their little click. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. I was angry that they would dare declare me an "inappropriate" Leader because by saying I'm unsuitable to be around children implies I'm an unfit Father. How dare they. It's a direct insult to the depths of the person I am.

Marcel will participate in the Derby race and then we're done. I feel truly sorry for people so close-minded and judgmental. It's no wonder they have a hard time retaining leaders and active scouts. Lana and I have decided we'll just make it a point to go on outings, taking his friends and ours along. We've decided to treat ourselves this year with camping gear for Christmas. It's not like the local Scouting group was organized enough for camping anyway. I was told by one of their leaders that if I wanted to camp I should organize it myself because they don't.
Wow, I feel much better now. That's been eating at me for days.

Okay, the rant is over and I now return you to your regularly scheduled Blog...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Three Decades of Me...

At 6:29 a.m. yesterday I became three decades old. I honestly hate the idea of it. It's the idea of getting old that bothers me. I can honestly say I've not thought about it at all hardly until the past month or so. It's a little scary to look back and realize thirty years of my life are now behind me. It's made me a little restless the past few weeks to say the least. It's almost paralyzing at how quickly the time passes. My dad called me up to wish me happy birthday and he said something that really made me think. My dad is forty six and he pointed out that we're not all that far apart in age. The gap seems to close even more when I consider how much more we have in common these days. If only I could get him to play poker now...

My baby Lana invited friends over, she cleaned, grilled, and she even got me a birthday present. Lana loves giving presents so much she can never wait. She made the comment that she finds it very amusing that she can still shop for both Marcel and me at Toys R Us. I got four castle expansion sets for Heroscape!!! I have a pretty big map set up in the dining room that I randomly add pieces to when I'm pacing the house (which I tend to do a lot of these days now that I think about it).

It was a wonderfully relaxing day spent amongst my friends. We ate too much food, had cake (they even sung happy birthday to me), drank a little, and played a relaxed game of poker while all the kiddos watched movies and played with toys upstairs.

I find it really neat how all my life games have brought me and the people around me closer. When I was younger it was games like Spades, Pictionary, Fireball Island and Nintendo. Many a nights Michael, my dad, mom and me were spent with a Nintendo controller in our hands playing Super Spike V'ball. Some nights it was spades all night. Then I got older and found Dungeons and Dragons, Palladium, GURPS, and Magic: the Gathering. Here these days we find poker is a damn good excuse to hook up. My life seems to have always revolved around games. Games have brought new friends into my life and brought old friends closer.

I should go for now I guess. Lana just called me and is making cookies down in the house with Marcel and Helen. I answered my cell with just a click on my bluetooth headset and hardly missed a stroke on my keyboard. I talked to Tracy for ten minutes about WoW while driving in the rain in Houston traffic. I don't know how I drove without this thing. Off to eat cookies. A little something before I go though...


I got the greatest letter from Britt for my Birthday. Turns out she went toe to toe with her momma, arguing and yelling, about my birthday present. Kelly found it really amusing that I've all but stolen Marcel's red wagon for various stuff around the yard so she decided to get me a wheel barrel for my birthday, something funny but useful at the same time. Brittney thought that idea just sucked and was willing to wage war with her momma over it. Maybe I'm just a bit too sentimental but I was very touched by the gesture. That was better than ten Heroscape castle sets combined.

Oh, the wheel barrel is bright red. :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


christmas2006_04Man, this month is just flying by. Every time I look at the calender I seem to have lost days without even really feeling 'em. We finally got our Christmas tree up the other night. The house has that nice pine smell to it and it feels a little more like Christmas now. We broke out the boxes of ornaments, decorations, and stockings. I think it's the giddy feeling in your gut that I enjoy so much but now it's over watching Marcel get so excited about it. He's been counting down on his little bear calender everyday. It's getting harder to shop for him every year but I think we did good. We actually got some of our shopping done the other day but we have a ways to go still. The plan is to knock the rest of it out while Marcel's at school. Now if we could just get out of bed at a decent hour to make that plan work, we'd be doing real good.

This month is always such a busy one with so many birthdays and Christmas. We went out to eat with Helen, Micah and Kelly a couple days to celebrate Chris's birthday with him. Today is my brother's birthday and in just a few days I hit thirty. Wow, it doesn't really feel any different I just don't like saying it. Denial is far too tempting a thing sometimes.

I've stopped scanning pictures for a while mostly because some of 'em just bring up some pretty strong memories. I never realized just how many photos we had until I started really looking at them. Wow, it's amazing how the time passes so quickly. I wish I could pop back in time now and then, tap myself on the shoulder and whisper a word or two. Stuff like "Pay attention here.", "Forget it, it's nothing." "Don't." or even just, "Smile." I wouldn't want to interfere too much (I don't want to fuck up the space-time continuum or nothing) but just give a nudge now and then to help. We are an accumulation of our actions after all, mistakes and successes, but who can't use a nudge now and then right? I guess this year I'm just feeling a little lost at the end of the year.

The next few days are going to be pretty busy and maybe that's what I need to get out of this weird funk. Tonight we go out to celebrate my little brother's birthday. Tomorrow is a riding lesson, and a Boy Scouts Committee meeting, Friday is Marcel's school lunch followed by poker that night, and Lana has a party on Saturday. Sunday I hit thirty. Yeah for me. ;)
Well, I have work to do somewhere I'm sure. Blaaaaaah.

Monday, December 4, 2006

A Patch of Snow

snowinnewport27It snowed in Crosby - sorta. We got a call from Dosha and she tells us there's a small patch of snow in the neighborhood thanks to a snow machine. Someone who's lived in an area where it really does snow, it always makes me a little sad to see such a sad little pile of slush, mud and ice. Marcel, who's never really seen real snow, loved it. They ran around trying to make snowballs out of the sad little patch of ice and had a great time. I can't help but want to load them in the car and drive until we hit Colorado for real snow. They had a blast but I couldn't help but wish the snow was deeper, we had a big hill, some inner tubes, and everything in sight was covered in a blanket of white. We took Sally along with us and she wasn't very impressed by the patch at all. She sniffed around it, stepped in in once and avoided it the rest of the time. My lab happens to be a prissy one. She'd rather be inside, hates getting wet (muddy is different though), and she watches the squirrels play in the yard for gawd's sake. Anyway, The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and wanted to stay even longer despite it getting too dark to see. I so understand...

Michael and me once went out to go sledding late in the evening a few blocks from the house. There was this decent hill just behind the middle school. It was a pretty popular spot for all the neighborhood kids. So we bundled up, grabbed our sleds and tracked out. It took us a little longer than usual with the crazy wind and the snow coming down but we were determined. We were a little surprised to find we had the hill all to ourselves. The snow was so fresh it had yet to compact down at all and we simply sank when we sat down on our sleds. So we digressed to throwing snowballs (real snowballs not balls of ice, mud, and slush!) and pushing each other down into the building banks of snow. I found it pretty amusing that Michael had a hard time getting up he was stuffed so snuggly in his snow suit but I did always help him back up after watching him struggle for a little while. We were interrupted by a blaring horn and the full wrath of our mom yelling obscenities at us the way only a scared mother can.

Turns out it was the start of a really bad blizzard but we only saw fresh snow coming down. But man, it was fun. We must have scared the shit outta her, thinking back on it now.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas is ah Comin'

Christmas has is just about here. You know you're no longer a kid when you count holidays by your next paycheck. This next check is officially "Christmas Money" so it's time to start getting in the Christmas mood. We actually put out lights this year! We talk about it every year and just never seem to get around to it. I think the last time we put up Christmas lights was the first year we were married. We put a few strings up in the window. This year we put close to twenty strings of lights out. It looks awesome but we did go through around a dozen fusses before finally realizing a chain max is somewhere around six strings of lights. This may be common knowledge to most but I thought I'd pass that along to the rest of us who didn't know this. Now we just got to get our tree. Maybe that's what I need to really "feel" the Christmas mood. That isn't to say I've been down but I just ain't feeling the Christmas mood I usually do this time of year. It's the Christmas tree. The smell of a fresh tree just makes it feel right. Maybe it's just that smell that triggers old childhood memories.

Speaking of childhood memories, I recently got a scanner. I've been digging through all our photos, scanning to my heart's content. I found pictures I didn't know I had. I'll eventually get around to putting some of them on my photo album pages. A few of them are in pretty bad shape though and I'm hoping to restore them. There's a few old school portraits of Mike and me, some family pictures with my mom, and lots of baby pictures of my Marcel. I've been scanning pictures pretty much non-stop when I'm anywhere near my computer. The idea of losing any of these pictures is a pretty scary thought. We've had them boxed up for so long, it's nice to see them again. Eventually we'll get some picture frames and put some of them up. All things eventually...

I'll leave ya with a few gems of Christmas past. ;)


Monday, November 20, 2006

"Do the Moonwalk!!!"

I was cleaning out some old pictures when I ran across a video...
Where you at Derek????
We miss you mofo!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Horde Vs. Hitler

barn_sunset02We've spent today being pretty laid back for the most part. After Lana dropped Marcel off at school this morning we ended up going to the barn for a little while. I got to ride Danial for the first time. I've been a little leery about riding him. I mean, do you really want an unexperienced rider on the unexperienced draft horse?? As it turns out I was nervous for nothing. He was very well behaved and I really didn't have any trouble with him other than trying to get on his big ass. I thought I could get on without help but I did have to get a boost from Lana after the first few attempts. Better to accept an embarrassing boost than to fall on my ass trying to get on him I guess. I wasn't feeling too brave to lope him but I did get to trot him around a bit. He's got such a neat trot. You can count the beats as he swings his legs around and really fall into a nice little groove. I can't wait to lope him but I think I should wait until I get my confidence up just a bit more. After working up a good hunger, we went out to Backdraft and had some awesome barbeque. We'd both been craving barbecue every since watching a documentary on the history of American barbecue. The things you'll watch at two in the morning when you can't sleep... At least I haven't degraded to watching the Hitler Channel.

Speaking of Hitler, I had a most interesting conversation with Marcel today. He's been learning a little bit about World War II in school as well as the history of America. Turns out they're still teaching kids in school that American Indians were savages, but that's another conversion entirely. This one Marcel and I had on the way back from school today. It started out with him asking me if it was true that Japanese people were against Americans during World War II. So we got into this conversation with me trying to explain to him how a man named Hitler had his own ideas on how other countries should be run and decided to take them over. It was difficult to simplify something as complex as World War II but I think I did alright after rambling on about five minutes. He was really quiet in the back seat so I asked him if he had any questions. He thought about it for a while, petting Sally next to him, as he choose his words. While the wording isn't exact it's pretty damn close.
"So basically Hitler was like a level sixty beating up on a bunch of level fifteens or something. Japan is a big guild or something who went to help him after the level fifteens got their level sixty friends to help. America is like a level sixty but with all purple gear. So it was sorta like Hitler versus the Horde then right?"

"Ummm... yea, sorta."

What do you say to something like that? I'm pretty sure I've crossed a new border into the kingdom of Geekdom but my son was there with me so how can I be nothing but proud? Brings a tear to my eye...

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Back in the Saddle

barn_trailride05I've been a little absent here lately but I have thought about bloggin now and then. It's been pretty busy around here for various reasons but at least the hectic part is done with now that Halloween has come and gone. I always look forward to Halloween but I'm always a little relieved when it's over. My costume this year was nowhere near difficult as thought it would be but it didn't come out as good as I had hoped. The armor finish wasn't the mirror smooth shine I had hoped for but it photographed well so I can't complain too much. The broken wings were more of a hassle than I expected though. I made them a little long so I had to strafe everywhere I went. They did look good though and I managed to not impale anyone on them so it worked out in the end I guess.

I loped for the first time - accidentally. It wasn't quite an accident but I didn't know what I was telling Bank to do. I was happy with trotting around the arena when Jody tells me to bring my right leg up and kiss at him. I miss the last part of what she said as I rode by her and just did what she told me. Next thing I know I notice his head dipping down further than usual. I was a little worried especially when I noticed how far up in the saddle I was and that his head was coming up pretty fast. I wasn't very comfortable leaving the saddle. We come around the corner and he's ready to keep going even faster. He came back to a walk pretty easily but it would have been nicer if I heard the last part of what Jody told me...

Anyway, now that I know what to expect when I kiss at my horse I really enjoy loping. In fact, I don't see how anyone goes anywhere on a horse without loping there. Last lesson Lana and me had I got to lope some more and she recorded it on my camera. We got home and watched on the living room TV and I was like, "You didn't get me loping?" She just laughed and said, "You are loping." It feels a lot faster than it looks damn it. I felt like that wussy kid getting his jollies off on the little peewee roller coaster. We ended up going on a trail for a bit, got bitten by every mosquito within a half-mile radius and felt awesome. Lana says they'll soon be trying to get me on a horse without a saddle. I'm not sure I'm ready for that but at least there's no way they can sneak that one past me.

Well, I'm feeling a little outta it right now so I'll just leave ya with this video. It may not look very fast but I was hauling some serious ass...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Missing Head?

Just a quick update:
Amazing how my missing scarecrow head just magically appeared back on my scarecrow literally overnight after my blogging about it. While I am grateful to have it back it does upset me to suspect someone who reads my blog. I can't help but go that direction when it pops up so quickly after having blogged about it. I guess what burns me more about the whole thing is that whoever took it didn't have the courage to put in my hands and apologize. They snuck around in my yard under the cover of night and replaced it as though nothing happened. Maybe it was just a joke but last I checked taking something without asking was stealing. Since when does violating someone's personal property through theft and/or vandalism considered a joke??
By the way, you forgot the noose.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Being Witness

It's only a matter of days until the Halloween Party and I think I'll be done with my costume by then. I feathered the broken wings tonight after painting and sanding the back armor. It didn't come out as smooth as I would have liked but it's all a learning process and my castings are getting better each time. I have yet to sculpt and caste the shoulder pieces but I'm pretty confident I can get them knocked out in a day. The second reaper probably won't get finished in time. I'm debating on whether or not I should put my headstones out this year, thanks to some inconsiderate asshole.

Someone stole my scarecrow head. It fell over about a week ago when it was raining pretty bad. We were driving off to go to Jayce's birthday party when Lana noticed the head was missing. It really pisses me off that someone would be so inconsiderate as to steal something I made with my hands. It's obvious it's homemade with it's wraps of burlap, plaster and chicken wire. While it wasn't exactly difficult to make, it was something Marcel and me worked on together. I really don't know what to do. I've got all my headstones but now I'm afraid to put them out because some jackass would sink so low as to take what someone else made. I'll probably put them out, but I just won't leave them out overnight. What else can I do? Some people are just dicks...

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about the Halloween party. We've found some pretty cool games to play, some tiki torches all over the yard, plenty of wood for the bonfire, and lots of alcohol. It's been a while since I've got drunk and I think I'm due damn it.

It's been a pretty stressful period for a whole slew of reasons but thankfully I got a woman who understands me enough to tolerate me even my worst. Sometimes you just need someone to be witness to your life to show you another perspective of looking at things. Sometimes you just need a witness, someone to share the moments with. I couldn't ask for a better friend than my Lana. My dad and I were talking the other day while I sitting outside the hair saloon while Lana got her hair done. My dad and I ended up reminiscing for a good while. I sat there cracking pecans on the sidewalk, laughing at some small moment I had stored away at the back of my mind that my dad reminded me of. We shared the details of something that only he and Mike know about now and it just hit me hard how we never notice the really great moments in our life until they've past us by. He bared witness to a moment that would otherwise have been lost to me. If he hadn't been there to experience it with me, to remember and appreciate the moment, it might have been lost to me forever. It seems so insignificant in type but when you consider, I mean really consider, how much we'd lose if it wasn't for the people in our lives who bare witness to it...

I didn't sit down with the intention of getting so intimate but I felt that after so much inward dwelling in the past ten months or so that it would be nice to share a little something. Anyway, I'm pretty tired. It's been a busy day. Marcel and I had a boy scout meeting where we raced his little raingutter regatta. It didn't do so well despite his hard work and excitement over it and it made him a little down. He's such a sensitive little guy. We ended up playing around and talking in the grass while all the other kids got in line to race over and over. It was a good distraction for him and when we left he was doing cartwheels in the grass and being his usual silly self for the camera. I think I can mark this as a good day...

For those interested, Jayce's Birthday Pictures are posted. Grab 'em while they're there cause I plan on taking down the album after new year. If there's any pictures anyone would like taken down lemme know. If you have photos you'd like to share, just email em to me or let know so I can give you guest access to my ftp server...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Day to Relax

marianbdayparty03_012The weekend's end is finally in sight so it'll be back to work on Halloween stuff tonight. It was a nice little break. I've really come to like the cash games on Friday nights and it's nice having it at the house now after the tournament has run it's course. It's a much more laid back atmosphere. Everyone's relaxed, visiting, and just having a good time. With no worry of the blinds going up on your stack there's more time to just play when you want. I love it. We called it quits around three in the morning and Lana and I ended up falling asleep watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It made getting up in the morning pretty hard but we weren't too late getting to Marian's birthday party.

It's hard to believe she's already three. She's growing up so fast. She's not really a baby anymore. My baby bottles have been tossed out finally and I have a few diapers that will probably just get thrown away. I've run out of excuses to hold on to my baby walker. Maybe they'll have another one... ;)

Mike hired a clown, barbecued, had a pinata special ordered, and had a moonwalk set up for the kids to burn off some extra energy. The kids had a blast. Hell, I had fun. I was majorly impressed by the clown he hired, Lulu the Clown. She not only kept the attention of the kids, she had them participating and the adults laughing. She even managed to get some of us kids at heart to jump in the fun even if she had to give us a helping nudge. A very professional show that I'd highly recommend to anyone with no weird aversion to clowns. I swear Poltergeist scarred my generation with a fear of clowns. Stephen King's It (I refer to the book of course) didn't help matters.
It was an really awesome show and I even wore a plunger on my head by the time it was all said and done. Xiomara was nice enough to take pictures of course. A very good birthday party for my little niece.

We got home exhausted but we didn't let a little fatigue get in the way of the UFC 64 fight night. We were up until after midnight watching UFC 64 with friends, recapped the Tito Vs. Shamrock fight, and watched the Hughes Vs. Penn fight. When all the blood and violence was over we migrated to the office for a friendly game of poker into the early morning hours. I slept in today to say the least. It was a damn good weekend but I'm glad it's over. :)
Back to the Halloween crunch!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Short Interlude

clouds01What a beautiful day. I got up way later than I wanted to but I figured a day off from the Halloween stuff wouldn't kill me and would probably be for the best anyway. I'm always more productive after a break. The last thing I need to do is burnout just a few weeks from Halloween. The garage is looking pretty bad but the front armor piece is looking good so far. I ended up heading out to Northshore Marine in hopes they would have resin microballoons filler so I could experiment with getting a smoother finish on my Fiberglas casting. As it turns out they were all out but after a nice conversation with the owner of the place, I think I finally got a cheap solution to getting smooth finishes on my castes. After I clean up the garage, reorganize my tools (and thoughts), I'll start with a clean slate on the back armor.

I took this picture on my way to Lowe's for some much needed plaster (seventy five pounds of it) and some more junk brushes for Fiberglas. I took this picture at a stop light just before beltway eight. As some may know, I got a new toy. It's a Olympus 810 and I love it. It's small and slim enough to fit in my pocket everywhere I go (it's slightly bigger than my cell phone), it's durable with shock resistance, water resistant, and shoots movies with sound. I've wanted one of the Stylus series for a while now, and couldn't resist when Micah told me it was on sale at Best Buy. It does require a special battery since it's so small but it holds a charge for good while. The battery died on me yesterday after using it pretty frequently on a daily basis since I got it nearly a week ago. Be prepared for more photos. ;)

I'm in a pretty relaxed mode tonight and I think I'm going to finish reorganizing my garage. Cleaning is such a purging process, physically as well as mentally. I got the old boom box that came strapped to my bus hooked up to my iPod. It looks pretty ghetto but it works still and puts out some decent decibels when I ask it to despite being almost as old as my brother. It's going to be a busy weekend so I probably won't get to work much on my stuff until Sunday. Sorta like leaving town for a few days, it's always nice to come home to a somewhat clean house to relax in. :)

Off to clean...

Sunday, October 8, 2006


I can now blog from my phone! The pic is from a Toys R Us trip huntin 4 a Darth Vader costume 4 Marcel.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Reaper One Complete!!

halloween2006_001I've been pretty absent on the computer lately. The last-minute panics settled into the pit of my stomach and I managed to spit out a pretty damn good reaper in a few days, I've sculpted the first part of my armor, plus I got a scarecrow out in my front yard now. Halloween feels days away to me. I'm pretty excited about this year. I'm putting the reaper out in the yard tonight. It'll take some work by myself being that it stands well over eight feet tall. I've even started the second one. I'm on a pretty good roll so far. I can only hope to keep my pace and get everything done in time. My garage? Total mess. I'm going to need to clean it in order to find some stuff. I've now started to lose tools in the mess and that's always a bad sign. Lana left for Memphis this morning so it's just Marcel and me until sometime Sunday. I was originally going to go with her but last minute change of plans has me staying at home and K.C. going along with her instead. I was really torn on going. On one hand I wanted to go with Lana and spend the weekend with just me and her together, but on the other, I have a lot to do around here and I'm on a deadline to boot. So this weekend I'm going to be burning the midnight fuel. My goals while Lana's away...

  1. Cast first have of body armor.
  2. Sculpt back half of body armor.
  3. Finish reaper number 2.
  4. Rip up carpet in bathroom.
  5. Begin ripping up scrapwood into smaller pieces for the fire pit.
  6. Feed the cat.
  7. Remember to sleep, shower, and eat now and then.

Well, back to work for me.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Queensryche and Reapers

queensryche01I've finally made some real progress on my reapers for the first time in over a week the other day. On one of them anyway. It's now completely covered in burlap, the foam is now glued on with the trim routed with a nice edge finish. I had to use the dolly to move it to the yard to add texture to it with the heat gun and water hose but it looks awesome. Sometime tonight I'm going to be adding Monster Mud to it so it should be fun. I'm suffering from the last minute panics these days so I plan on hitting Halloween stuff like a hurricane for a while. I've got another reaper to do, a scarecrow to put together, my armor to sculpt, mold and cast, and Marcel's sword to finish. Too much to do and as usual I've waited until the last minute. Fun, fun. This year's Halloween party theme is "Movie and TV characters" so it pretty much will cover almost whatever anyone wants to be but with a little direction. Lana swears it wasn't her idea but I have witnesses this time. I'm pretty wired right now but it might have to do with my head still ringing a little from the Queensryche concert last night.

Micah and I drove out to Dallas yesterday to catch them at the Nokia Theatre. I was really surprised to see the crowd turnout. There were lots of folks our age there but there was a lot of folks there older than us. To put it in a blunt manner, it was MILF central. It was sitting room only, which was a little annoying, but the place was pretty damn big. They did the whole album Operation Mindcrime then moved on to Operation Mindcrime II after a intermission. I can't say I was too wild about a few songs off the new album and I can honestly say I didn't like the last song, but the rest was pretty freakin' awesome. Even after performing for three hours, they came back on stage to perform two more songs. We got home sometime after three in the morning. I slept like the dead. I think Lana tried to get me to go with her to the barn but I was too damn tired to get up. I would have liked to have gone now that I'm awake but at the time I was only thinking about more sleep.

I should get back to work I guess. I'm preparing the clay to lay over on my Fiberglas dummy so I can start sculpting tonight. Plus I'm going to try and get the scarecrow started. I might see if I can enlist Micah to help tonight with some of this. Figure afterwards we could watch the UFC fight he missed since he had to work last Saturday. I get to watch Matt pull a win out his ass and beat the shit out of B.J. again but this time without the butterflies in my stomach. ;)

Hey Oscar, where's my twenty dollars??!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Geek Week

davidbdayparty02Have I mentioned how our neighborhood association rides our ass on any little thing? Well, their latest beef with us is the dead tree in our yard. We finally got a reliable and awesome fuckin lawn guy here in Crosby so I asked him and his crew to take it down before the association sent out their neighborhood hitmen. Last week it was a "down branch", the time before that it was "torn blinds in the window", before then it was "no blinds in the windows", and before that it was the "flower beds need maintenance." I could go on and on. We've gotten in the habit of calling them nasty grams they come so often. I guess it's really not that bad of a deal considering it's in the best interest of everyone to keep our neighborhood looking good but it is a bit much when they're hounding you within twenty four hours of a branch falling to take care of it. I mean, daaaaayaaaamn get a life.

Anyway, so I finally get our lawn guys to cut the dead tree down. I walked over to inspect the stump wondering how I was going to get it out since it's bad for the lawn. Stumps attract termites and ants plus I'm sure the neighborhood association spy stalker is just waiting in my "overgrown flower beds" to send us nasty gram about it too. That's when I noticed the concrete in the middle of the stump. I bent down to look closer and noticed rebar sticking out. Weird. I don't get it, but it's only going to make taking out the tree stump even more difficult. I'm not sure HOW they got concrete and rebar in the middle of the tree much less why they would. Maybe that's why the fuckin tree died. It had concrete and metal bars shoved up its stump. Anyway.

I should be getting ready for poker night. I still need to get the chips ready, clean up a bit and check my email. So what am I doing? Listening to Queensryche, playing in Photoshop and looking at porn. Ah well.

Oh, just for fun, here's a picture of Helen at David's Birthday party (this awesome photo was removed at the request of Helen so a substitute is presented from that day). David wanted to have a Roleplaying themed birthday party this year. It brings a tear to a geek's cheek knowing the next generation of gamers are just around the corner and under our guiding GM screen of protection...

Micah GM'ed the kids through their first roleplaying experience with characters, dice and pencils. They started their first session as themselves on Halloween night trick or treating when they were transformed into the characters they were dressed up as! It was a really awesome idea and my gm cap goes off to Micah for a well run game even if some critics like Jayce weren't too happy with their Health. ;)

Jayce: "What's our Health points?" as he scratches his head studying his character sheet intently.
Micah: "Everyone has a Health of twelve."
a short pause from Jayce...
Jayce: "That SUCKS!"

I think I hurt myself laughing so hard. Makes me wanna roleplay more even though we just played last night. The geek in me comes out in the winter months more I think. I'm even getting the itch to log onto WoW...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Room With A View

lagunabeach01Lana's been gone since Sunday on her Laguna Beach business trip. She's been staying at the Montage where she's been getting spoiled rotten with massages, spa treatments, hot tubs, room service, and a pool right by the beach. I hate when she's gone this long but I also can't help but be just a tad jealous. She's having a good time I think and she really could use the relaxation. The picture to the right is the view from her balcony. Beats the shit out of my view of the intersection out the office window right now.

I've been keeping myself busy with finally getting around to cleaning the garage and installing the new sink in the bathroom. The toilet now leaks so sometime soon I'll need to get a new wax ring and redo it. But we now have a nice sink in the bathroom. Just don't lean on it. It's not bracketed to the wall just yet but the pedestal is bolted to the floor. The reapers are coming along nicely. I got one all wired up and ready for burlap. I started to fit it earlier today but I realized I need to iron out the fold lines first. I'm going to need more burlap for the other one. I'll have just enough to finish one. Halloween is far too close for me to be fucking around now and I'm starting to get the last minute panics. Probably good that I get them now. Maybe it'll kick my ass into gear to start working on my costume and Marcel's. He's going as Link this year but his sword and shield are mostly done. The only thing really left to do on his costume is the sewing and fitting. Mine is another matter. This year I'm going to try to make the chest armor plate from Dogma with the torn off wings. It's a little more complicated than it sounds. There's four molds to make and some chainmail involved plus the prosthetic wing nubs to attach. To top it off, the Fiberglas needs to have a very smooth finish that can be polished. I haven't even started sculpting yet. I need a back up plan in case I can't get done in time. I hate that panicky feeling. I've been walking around with it lately in my pocket but I think it's just an accumulation of stuff I need to get done building up. Day to day stuff plus all the projects on the burners all seem to be just humping me to the ground. One bite at a time...

Anyway, I guess I should get back to work. I need to iron out those fold lines in the burlap, get another load of laundry started and make Marcel some dinner after I've gone over his homework. Maybe even break out the clay and at least get it fitted onto my Fiberglas dummy so I can start sculpting tomorrow. Busy, busy, busy.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Genitorturers Kicks Ass!!!!

genitorturers01I don't know if anyone knows this but I've become something of the myspace junky these days. I have a few of my favorite bands on my friends list and I noticed last week that one of em was coming to town!! I was originally going to go with Chris and Micah but both of them decided they should go to work instead. So then I was content with going by myself. While I really don't mind going by myself, concerts are always better with a friend or two. After a little hinting around and finally just straight-up asking, Lana agreed to go. I knew she'd like Genitorturers but I didn't know if she'd dig the big crowd all cramped into a small warehouse club downtown. The last concert I went to was Gwar so I had high expectations. Turns out the club it was at, The Engine Room, doesn't quiet pack em in the way The Meridian does. I did manage to get Lana to wear this hot ass outfit to the concert but she chickened out at the last minute and never took the t-shirt off. Some girl, who was flirting with her, did ask her to lift her shirt up so she could see her outfit better. Oh, to be a chic and ask random women to lift their shirt up...

To top it off we were the "old folks" in the room. I think the only people there our age were the roadies and a few of the folks running the club. I had a few beers and smoked a few cigarettes while we patiently waited for the place to fill up some more. I guess the club owners were waiting for the same since the concert didn't start for a full hour and a half later after the scheduled time. The first few bands were really not bad at all but I came to see only one. The place never really filled up and the first few hours were the most mellow I've seen at a concert. I did have some little Mexican hotty flirting with me most of the first few hours. She was a ballsy one too, constantly flirting even when Lana was with me. Lana went to the restroom and she came over to talk to me and asked if I was there alone. Even afterwards she kept coming over and rubbing on me when she thought Lana wasn't looking. I was feeling pretty damn good about myself despite the fact that the guy she came with stood roughly six foot somethin and two hundred plus pounds of ass whoopin. That is, until drunk girl moved on to about three other guys in the room before the night was over. The guy she came with helped her stumble her way out of the club. Makes you wonder. I was her first choice of the night before she reached "drunk girl" level so I can walk away with a little self respect.

genitorturers39The place did seem to fill out a little more as the evening went on but Lana really wasn't feeling very good by the time Genitorturers took the stage. I felt really horrible she was feeling so bad. I offered to leave early a few times but she insisted on staying. They put on an awesome show. Nuns were raped, the cross was rubbed on in obscene fashions, and many a bare breasted women were spanked on stage. A top notch concert. Besides, everything is better topless. Okay, almost everything. Anyway, I had a blast. I just wish Lana would have been feeling better and enjoyed it as much as I did. I even got a picture with the lead singer!! I swear I've never been more turned on more by a sweaty, tired chic as I was just then. I touched that sweaty warm vinyl and I was ready to rock some more. My head was still vibrating from the concert and my heart pounding away. Fucking Awesome Concert. I'd be her groupie if she let me.

We ended up driving out to Denny's for a late dinner/early breakfast where we got the usual clubs-just-let-out shity service. We did find out what a true drunk ghetto girl sounds like when she's flirting. It's not attractive and Lana almost let her know with her fists. I got us out of there as soon as we finished wolfing down our food. Our waitress shot me a dirty look when she realized I didn't tip her for rude behavior and crappy service. I got in the shower sometime near five in the morning. The spike gel was amazingly easy to wash out. I don't remember much after that other than crawling into bed. It's good to sleep like a rock now and then. I'm looking forward to Black Label Society in September already. I forgot how much I love to feel music tearing through your every pore. ;)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Riding Again

I finally feel recovered from the weekend only to realize it's already here again. We were up pretty late last night watching movies over at Shawn and K.C.'s place only to drive around after we left, listening to my iPod on a early morning Whataburger run. By the time we went to bed it was well past four. I was up a few hours later at seven to get Marcel to school on time. I'm not sure how I managed but he was actually there on time. I got home to crawl into bed only to find I couldn't sleep so I stayed up until it was time for our riding lesson.

I hadn't ridden in so long I forgot how much fun it really is. I'm finally at a level to where I'm not being constantly corrected on my bad riding skills or maybe they just decided to leave good enough alone. I really enjoyed just riding around plus watching Lana ride around on Daniel was really amazing. I can't believe how much progress they've made with him! He's starting to fill out so much and he's not looking so clumsy since he's growing into his legs now. I was really shocked and how well they rode together. For our lesson we did something a little new - straight away barrel racing! I had a blast trotting away on Tinker around the barrels plus he really loves to trot. It was hard getting him to walk towards the end of the lesson. I'm hoping next lesson we can hit a trail. K.C. enjoyed herself so much she convinced her man to get her six more lessons!!! Next thing she be convincing him she needs to rent a horse...

I think today I'm going to spend a quiet evening at home chillin with Lana and a few friends prolly. We ended up canceling the poker game tonight thanks to my dogs. I came home the other day to water spraying like a fountain by the office garage from a busted pipe the dogs broke in the yard. I ended up running to the hardware store minutes before they closed and installed a quick shutoff valve and figured I'd fix the rest later. So I get the adapter to connect it back to the house only to find that when the pipe snapped on the outside it must have broke inside the wall as well. What is it with us and water issues? We just had a major water leak in the yard a matter of months ago, our water heater bursts days ago, and now this. So rather than move the game in my house or have everyone tromp through my house all night I just figured I'd cancel. So now it's one more project added to the ever expanding list. I'll need to remove the paneling and sink in order to get to the pipes in the wall. Fun fun...

  • Fix plumbing in garage
  • Patch up attic on 3 car garage
  • Go through all of the storage stuff
  • Tear up the rest of the carpet
  • Install hardwood floors
  • Insulate rest of office
  • Fix upstairs shower
  • Sheetrock living room and office
  • Install lights and fans on the porch
  • Get the bus in the body shop

I won't even go into the list of "Fun" stuff...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Beer, Blood, Two Cakes, and Fifteen Pizzas Later

marcelbdayparty08_061Well, I think I finally got the house clean from this weekend. I haven't felt that drained in a while. I swear to never plan two parties back to back after our usual Friday night poker. Who the hell let me smoke that crack???

On Friday, after picking Marcel up from school, I went straight to the airport to get Lana. She was gone almost a full week in Vegas. After visiting with her for a little while on our way home and grabbing a bite to eat, we went home to prepare for the poker game. We called it quits sometime around three I think after running a second game. We crawled into bed only to be up early the next day to clean, and decorate for the UFC fight which became a surprise party for Roel. To add a little more excitement to an already busy weekend our hot water heater broke spilling water all over the laundry room. I spent most of the day before the fight decorating and mopping up water. I was sweeping water into the drain all night long to keep it from spilling into the kitchen. Many beers later and half a cake later we called it a night and crawled into bed around five in the morning. I was pretty drunk and slept like crap. The house was thoroughly trashed and I remember vaguely K.C. walking around cleaning. My gawd, I don't know what we would have done without her because there was trash everywhere. Normally it's not a big deal but Marcel's birthday party was on Sunday bright and early (for us anyway).

I woke to a very nice buzzing hangover and a very excited eight year old. We took our cold showers, rushed out to the barn to meet our other hungover friends and commenced the birthday party of horse rides, face painting and racing. I felt half human sometime around one, once the buzzing in my head cleared. We migrated back to the house sometime around two for pizza, cake and presents. Chris past out on the couch a couple of times, Mike snuck off for a power nap before cake and presents, and Shawn fell asleep huddled in a ball of blankets later in the day. Despite the lack of sleep, the exhaustion, and hangover, I was thoroughly and completely happy with how things went. Fifteen pizzas later, two birthday cakes and lots of alcohol later we rested on Monday by going to Lowe's to buy a new water heater. I enjoyed my first hot shower since Friday night sometime around eleven at night before going to Walmart to stock up on groceries. I slept like a rock last night. I plan on doing the same tonight. Eventually I'll feel rested again. ;)

I've even managed to post the pictures from Roel's birthday party as well as Marcel's. Those who had cameras should email me what ya got so I can add em to the albums.
Off to take a nap I think...

Monday, August 21, 2006

"Ma Hair!!!"

The disapproving momma look...Ma Hair!!!Four hours later it's done!!!
I finally did it. I had it all chopped off. Every summer I bitch about how hot it gets with thick black hair, threaten to cut it off, then chicken out. Nevermind the peer pressure from my wife and a few others who insist I should just leave it alone. I've been wearing it long for over four years now and really just needed a change. I decided short with blonde and red highlights would work for now. I feel like I just lost a tumor off my head. I can drive with the windows down again without eating my own hair or being stabbed by it and no more headaches in the morning from sleeping on it! I feel great. Oh, my ponytail is going to Locks of Love. I mail it off tomorrow.

K.C. went with me and took the pictures. I lost count of the number of stylist there that disapproved of cutting it but at that point I was already determined to get it all cut. To make matters worse, it took me an hour and a half just to sit down to get cut. Then the lady who cut it off took near an hour to style it before sending me to the girl who was going to do my highlights. By the time the color was added, my hair conditioned and gelled, it was a little after nine when we walked out with my ponytail in a ziplock baggy. I was thoroughly exhausted, my stomach in knots, and I still had to go over to Johnny's house to visit with an old friend in town. When I got to the party Johnny offered to my my new groupie (how gay is that???), Dosha said the new do was sexy, and Lana says it's the perfect length for grabbing. It was a bit of a shock to everyone despite me talking about for years but I think overall everyone liked it. If they don't, they should keep that shit to themselves. ;)

It was a bit weird being around Josh again. Josh was someone I knew way back whenever there was a mystery smell it was "James did it", Micah still wore his hair long, and Chris had hair. All in love Chris! (In a non sexual way of course).

We went our separate ways after a rather nasty falling out that doesn't need to be aired here and we never made amends so it was a little odd to be in the same room with him again. All in all though, it was good to see him again. I was already exhausted when I did get there so we didn't stay long nevermind having a lot on my mind. It's was a pretty busy weekend that was followed up with Lana leaving on a plane for Vegas a few hours ago.

So tonight I'll stay up watching movies while Marcel sleeps. Prolly gonna eat way too much popcorn and ice cream, stay up way too late, and sleep horribly but that's to be expected when Lana's not here. Well, off to stock up on noodles, hamburger helper, and microwave dinners. She comes back on Friday. Someone check on us if the mailbox overflows and the dogs disappear...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Skulls, School, and Sweat

skullcasting02bMarcel's back in school now. He would have had his first day of school on Monday but they weren't taking any registrations so they sent us home. So he missed the first day of school but they told us it wouldn't count against his attendance record. He was pretty disappointed about not getting to go. I hate seeing him try so hard to be a big boy especially when I can't fix whatever it is that's upsetting him. He toughed it out though and we got him all hooked up on Tuesday. He's been jumping out of bed but I know that won't last long. I guess I should enjoy it while I can.
This morning stuff takes some getting used to but I'm liking it. I stay up after we've dropped him off at school and I actually get stuff done. Probably not all the stuff I should be doing but I get stuff done nonetheless. I got both skulls to my reaper statues casted now and the foam is cut and ready to be routed. Tomorrow I'll actually latex the hands, route the foam, and add the chicken wire if I'm still feeling energetic. The weather has been wonderfully hot and mosquito free the past couple of days so I've actually been working in the backyard. It's a good way to avoid cleaning the mess I got in the garage but I really do enjoy working outside on the Halloween stuff. In between castings I run around the yard chasing Sally or playing fetch with Bree. Stitch is constantly underfoot of either dog literally biting at their ankles. It's really pretty funny to watch. I end up sweating my ass off but I do like the weather despite all the bitching I do about the heat. It's better than cooking in the stuffy heat of the garage under fluorescent lights.

I'll probably mess with it all some more tonight and start routing the foam pieces that way I can jump straight to the latex hands. I'm really wanting to knock these out so I can move on to some headstones. As soon as I get my driver's license issue taken care of, I'll be planning a trip to the graveyards out at Galveston. Turns out the precent where I received the no insurance ticket when I drove the bus back was never dismissed. They took the cashier's check I fedex'ed them for court fees and ignored the letter from my insurance company that the cashier's check was folded in. You know, the document stating I had insurance at the time the prick cop gave me a ticket despite showing him the title with the date of transfer being the day before. So now I have to fax three different offices proof of insurance and wait fourteen days to see if they correct the problem so my suspended license can be reinstated. The only reason I found out I was driving with a suspended license was because I got a blackmail letter from the Department of Public Safety stating they wanted their money or I couldn't get my driver's license back. Then to make it all the more interesting, I couldn't fax them proof since Verizon cut off our long distance privileges for not having paid a phone bill we never knew about since it was in another account under our name. I won't go into details on that pile of crap. Okay, I feel better now. I had to vent somewhere. Anyway, like I was saying - in the next week or two I'll be planning a Galveston graveyard trip to get some new ideas for headstones. ;)

On another note, I made this really kick ass background for my Myspace account. ;)
I like it so much I'm probably going to change the style of my site to match the x-ray look.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I've been a bit absent here the past few weeks but it hasn't been from a lack of nothing to write about. I've been so busy that when I sit down to write I say to myself I'll just do it later when I have more time. Later tonight turns into tomorrow and tomorrow turns into sometime this weekend. I feel pretty blah right now. I got all of three hours of sleep last night and stupid me thought a nap would help. I feel like dog crap. Now I feel drugged, tired, and sleepy. I ended up staying up watching TV until around 6am after company left. I had a pretty hard time sleeping and slept pretty restless all night only to give up finally around nine. I'll probably be crashing hard tonight and I'm looking forward to it because I'm still pretty restless.

I did do something pretty cool the other day though. Last weekend the girls wanted to go to this psychic fair that's held once a month so I figured I'd tag along. It was really pretty cool. I got my aura read, my palm read and a massage to top it all off. I was told that in another life, I was a "woman of the night." Yeah, everyone got a real big kick outta that one, let me tell you. At least I'm not an alien who receives regular downloads from the mother ship like one unnamed person... The lady who read my palm also said that I'm carrying grudges and guilt from previous lives and that I should really come to terms with them but I do have a few spirits watching over me beyond my guardian angel. I did get good news from her though. I've recently come to terms, in the past four years, with the other four personalities that have been clashing with each other. I thought I had it bad enough, last thing I need is more grudges,guilt, and multiple personalities to carry around right? I also got a picture of my aura and it's a big red halo all over. My head looks like it's floating in a sea of red. Somewhere in the picture are the mentioned spirits that my palmist mentioned or so I was told. I'd post the picture but Helen has yet to email me the scan of it (hint, hint). All in all, it was a good time despite finding out that I was once a whore... ;)

It was fun though, and the lady who gave me a massage was really good even if she did pray over me every now and then. I needed it pretty bad too, the massage not the praying, though I guess it never hurts right? It's time for me to cut my hair again and I wake up lately with neck cramps from having slept on it so it was awesome to have someone work the kinks out of my neck. I'm really tempted to chop it all off and just grow it out again. It would be fun growing it out again I think. Either way, I'll be getting a hair cut soon cause I can't stand waking up with a headache before I've even started my day.

Anyway, not a whole lot going on right now. The girls are have a girly night and I might just join them after maybe making a trip to Walmart. I'm going to be picking up a few spiral notebooks for Lana and me. We've been talking about keeping a dream journal for the past few months but I'd like to actually do it. I haven't kept one since high school and it'd be pretty neat to share with Lana. Marcel should be going to bed soon since he's finally on a regular schedule with school just days away. He's pretty excited. He's such a social little butterfly and I can't help but grin. I don't remember being so social at his age. He gets so upset when he doesn't have any friends around but I guess he gets that from his momma. I've always been bit of an introvert. Well, I'm rambling. It's the exhaustion and restlessness. I should go before I start over...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Poker Brain Train Switches Tracks

Yesterday I headed out to Tony's for the first time in quite a while. He decided to hold a small twenty dollar buyin tournament so Lana, Mike and me decided to give it a shot. None of us made it to the money but we did have a good time. It was really good to see that group of folks again with a few new faces. We ended up playing the .25/.50 cash game until the early morning hours. I'm really liking cash games over tournaments these days. I'd have laughed if someone said I'd favor cash games over a tournament a year ago but I'm finding I like the relaxed atmosphere of a cash game far more then the stressed out "I gotta double up to stay alive" feeling always hovering over you. Mike made out like a bandit making around two hundred at the table. I cashed out for over a hundred and having never reloaded, made our tournament buyin back plus ten. Lana reloaded but made her all of her money back by the time we left for home. We had a really great time and I'm really looking forward to Monday now. Mike, me and Oscar are heading out to a $1/$2 cash game. To make a long story short, I feel like my tournament game sucks these days but I do well at the cash games. I seriously thinking about turning one night a month into a cash game. (insert feedback here)

I'm hoping to hear back from a scout leader sometime today. I finally got around to see about putting Marcel in the Boy Scouts. I remember always having fun even when it was just Mike in and me tagging along to the meetings. I think Marcel will have fun and hopefully it'll be something for me to direct some of my misdirected time and energy towards. I think I'm more excited about it than he is. ;)

With Marcel getting ready to go back to school I do plan on getting my EMS license back this year. I really miss the excitement of the job. I miss going on calls, the adrenaline of assessing a situation. I'm not really an adrenaline junky but damn it was fun. I really shouldn't have let my stuff lapse because now I gotta pay for all my training this time plus I can't simply test out anymore. It really blows but I probably need the refresher too so I can't complain too loudly.

Well, I should get going. I'm so exhausted though and I think I might just relax today. We stayed up until the sun came up on Friday, I stayed up to pick up stitch from the vet (he had the boys removed), I slept for a few restless hours, then we left for the poker game at Tony's. It's been a busy weekend. Maybe we should go out the to the drive in tonight. There's a few movies I wanna see...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Little Tired

Wow, the reapers are coming along nicely now. I finally got the skull mold and mother mold done to my liking despite the scare moment I had with the Fiberglas. They're going to be HUGE. I'm going to need the dolly to set them in place for Halloween. They're roughly six feet tall standing on two feet tall pedestals. I'll cast my first skull and finally latex the fingers tomorrow with Marcel's help. I'd do it tonight but I've got a poker game to bust out of over at Mike's tonight. I'd really like to spend more time working on my Halloween stuff but our schedule has been one of on sporadic moment after the next. We spent most of the weekend visiting with friends and family. One night it was hamburgers with Lana's mom, movies with some friends, the WoW'ing with the guys, and somewhere in there was sleeping and eating. We were supposed to go to the river with Lana's mom. I was really looking forward to it since I could scout out some good rock wall formations to mold for the new fish tank background I'm planning but Lana booked a Passion Party for a bunch of Hooters waitresses on the day they left. After ruining my plans of river rafting, swimming and sun she then proceeded to tell me I couldn't go to her Hooters girls party. Lana did take a group picture of them though. I'm told they're saying my name. Yeeeah for me.

I'm still a little sleepy and feeling a little tired. I think it's mostly from staying up way to late last night. Last night Lana, me, Kelly and Barb headed out to Eros for some late night shopping. I almost got a new Liberator Shape to go with our other one but figured we'd already spent enough on other stuff. It was a really good night after everyone went home. ;)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Halloween Rising...

The past week has been a blur of activity. I slept way too damn late today but I did level up my Priest Scabbs last night. He's level twenty five now. I think I got home around five but I can't say for sure I was so tired. I had been working on my reaper skeletons when Micah called mentioning some WoW at Johnny's place. I made some real progress before we headed out and had a chance to break in the new table saw. I was staring at all the scrapwood and realized I didn't have any 1x3's to build the box frames, then it dawned on my I can rip my own 1x3's. So I took the old shelves from the garage that we used to cover the windows during the hurricane and made two support boxes. I introduced the fun of power tools to Marcel as well. He loves working in the garage with me and he's getting to the age where he's not content with just watching. I let him drill a few pilot holes to get a feel for the drill, he drilled home all the screws, plus he gave me an extra set of hands for holding up the frame when we put the tops down. I must say, I'm looking forward to him helping more often. The whole thing went pretty quick with his help. It makes me feel a little old to think my son is old enough to actually help. I can't appease him anymore by letting him hand me stuff. He wants to use the drill or use the router. He's addicted to the smell of fresh sawdust and setting resin. I did scare the living shit out of him about the table saw and miter saw. He walks around the table saw like it going to eat him. I know my son isn't likely to ever go in there and mess with that stuff without ever asking but I do still padlock it as well as lock down the miter blade.

I think today I'm going to watch UFC 61 again while it records to VHS for Oscar, do some much needed laundry, then spend the rest of the evening making the latex skull mold, making the skeleton frames and figuring out how I'm going to get them to hold up pumpkins.

By the way, it should be said that drinking and poker seem to do well for me. The last two UFC fights we played a friendly game afterwards. I somehow made it to the money each time. Maybe everyone softplays the drunk guy?? I'm told I turn into "The Drunk Nice Guy." I dunno but I do know that I feel bad. While I was truly trying to play my best game I don't think that drinking was helping my poker face any. I'm not positive but I think Roel and I were heads up last time as well last UFC fight. I was totally blasted. Not a little tipsy but wasted thanks to Noel and Taz handing me shots every fifteen minutes. Turns out Noel was taking water shots the whole night and just kicked back to watch. He did buy me lunch the next day to ease the hangover a bit so all is forgiven. Next time I'm pouring the shots.

Here's our UFC Fight Night Poker Game!!

NicknameTime OutRebuysAdd-onsRound OutHitmanRank
Alex7:04:13 am113Roel2
Helen6:09:48 am113Roel3
Christine6:00:56 am112Roel4
Xiomara6:00:44 am12Roel5
Tracy5:19:24 am111Roel6
Mark5:08:21 am110Christine7
Mike C.4:37:09 am18Xiomara8
Taz4:33:27 am8Helen9
Abbey4:22:56 am18Alex10
Lana3:42:25 am16Taz11
K.C.3:25:12 am15Tracy12
Shawn2:47:16 am4K.C.13
Eric2:35:57 am3Christine14
Noel2:04:41 am1Christine15

Monday, July 3, 2006

Fourth of July Weekend

Wow, we woke up waaay late today after playing poker. By the time the last game finished up it was near six in the morning. The lawn guy came by and mowed the whole yard, front and back, and I never twitched in my sleep. We had planned on going out to Moody Gardens this weekend and then the beach but with all the rain we just weren't up for it. We've been trying something a little different on our game and opened the option for a full addon to feed the pot. "Sixth Street" Lana took me out as usual. I love my baby but I swear I think she guns for me.

I had planned on putting together my table saw but the guys invited me out to Johnny's place to play some WoW so that's where I spent my Saturday and early Sunday morning. I hit level twenty two with Scabbs! It had been so long since I played there I had to reinstall all my addons. I forgot how much fun the game really is. No worries though, I can stop whenever I want.

Oh, I finally got a MySpace account! I finally broke down. After seeing it in Playboy and Southpark I knew it was big but I never realized how big. Everybody and their brother is on there. I found an old friend from middle school that I used to hang out with plus a few x-girlfriends some of which I probably should block. It was really awesome catching up. He told me about the old neighborhood, how he's been, and we reminisced a little. It's funny though. I know he's all grown up just like me, but I still see him as a skinny hyper guy with braces I used to hang with as a kid. I've got a few more people in mind to look up over the next few days. I still hadn't found "Double Bass" James D. Last I heard he moved out to Florida and turned into a true blue kicker. It'd be nice to catch up with James again even if he turned in his combat boots for cowboy boots.

Anyway, time to get back to the website. I'm going to be opening up the poker game for a while to the general public to try it out for a while. I've got a new freeroll to post, a few pages to rewrite plus I want to play with the setting on my map page. It goes by zipcode people not your physical address. Good gawd people. So sign it, post a picture or two and move on. Of course, I could always post pictures of my friends for them there. I've got some very interesting pictures that I'm sure others would find truly intertaining to see. ;)
Off to play with HTML!

Oh, our game from last night. Enjoy!

NicknameTime OutRebuysAdd-onsRound OutHitmanRank
Christine2:10:34 am1114Kelly2
Xiomara2:05:44 am114Kelly3
Helen12:58:35 am210Xiomara4
Barb12:09:12 am29Christine5
Mike C.12:03:02 am38Xiomara6
Micah11:58:24 pm18Christine7
Roel11:22:37 pm16Xiomara8
Lana11:12:57 pm16Kelly9
Alex10:46:52 pm14Lana10
Dosha10:46:52 pm14Lana10