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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I'm a little tired still even though I slept in a bit today. Micah, Chris and me drove out to this new paintball field, Tactical Paintball, to play in a big scenario game. Chris had gotten off of work at seven in the morning, after working a full twelve hour shift, and went to get Micah. They then came to pick me up. I had crawled into bed around four thirty in the morning after playing poker all night. Amazingly enough we stayed awake the whole way there including Micah, who drove.

The field was really impressive. Over a dozen buildings, a few two story buildings, a few helicopters, some trenches, some smoke bombs, and lots of bushes. Thorn bushes. Cacti too. Ignore that, and you've got a really awesome field. It's just ashame the scenario really sucked. There really wasn't enough motivation for the two opposing forces to engage each other once the primary objective of taking the town and pilot was reached. Nevermind the team colors were a really poor choice. Olive green and dirt brown. Now keep in mind most folks were in cameo. So for the last hour or so we bunkered down and lobbed paintballs at each other waiting for the horn to blow with no real moves being made. We left to come home at that point, a little disappointed. We've decided we can run a much better scenario game and I have to agree. Time to start looking on Har again.

We tried roleplaying when we got home but everyone was exhausted, including me. Chris fell asleep on the coach waiting for everyone. Allison, who pushed for roleplaying, bailed on us and went to bed. Micah was dozing at the table. I was trying to remember where the party was at any given moment as I drifted off. It's amazing they got anything accomplished. I slept like a baby. I don't even remember what time Lana got in bed. She and the girls were in the office playing poker all night while we gave up roleplaying for sleep around two in the morning.
Today's plan is to finally take down the Christmas tree. I will take down the Christmas tree. I will take down the Christmas tree. I've also got a mountain of clean laundry to fold and put away.

I'm rather looking forward to a boring uneventful day.

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