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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Layin the Pipe

It's DONE. We finally got the damn leak in the yard fixed. Turns out the main pipe that runs to the house was set in the concrete of our walkway. We're still not sure where the leak is at but it's no longer leaking since we laid the pipe. Man, I love that phrase.

Micah called me while I was entrenched in the mud and putting down new pipe. I guess he was calling to see if I would be logging on World of Warcraft so he asked me what I was doing.
"I'm laying the pipe." I said with a grin.
"No need to get graphic."
"Lana says hi."

We had to buy a six foot piece of metal pipe, an end cap for the metal pipe, a sledge hammer, and new PVC. Between the two of us we pounded the metal pipe with the cape on under the concrete and ran the new pipe through it. We were originally going to lay down all new pipe but we couldn't make arrangements to borrow a truck for a trench digger in time so we just connected it to the old pipe running to the garage. Turns out it tee's somewhere in the yard after all since we got water to the house too when we turned the water back on. By the time we were gluing the PVC together my only true motivation was a shower since we turned off the water and cut the broken line. It was get it done tonight or we sleep like dirty dogs with no water. There was a second motivation as well but my quests were all but finished so there was no real rush. Fucking Warcraft.

After we showered, we spent a relaxing evening in the office. Marcel played with his toys, helped me on a few quests, and Lana played poker online trying to get to a table with Phil Ivey. He went offline before she ever got a table with him but she tripled her money at the cash tables. I cleared off my quest log and made it to level fifteen. :)

It was a good day.

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