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Monday, January 2, 2006

A New Year

hammackboy02Another Christmas is in the bag. This year was particularly nice. My brother and Xiomara spent the Christmas eve with us and stayed the night. We played poker while we waited for all the kiddos to fall asleep, then we finished wrapping everything. It was really nice watching all the kids unwrap their presents together. It brought back a lot of memories of Mike and me tearing into presents together. Funny how when I watch the kids open their presents I don't do so from the perspective of a father. I sit there remembering what it was like and feeling all happy inside remembering and knowing how they feel, with maybe a little envy. Then again, maybe it is with the perspective of a father.
The past few days have been a bit nuts. My computer is still dead so I've been stuck using Lana's or the MAME box. Most of my files are on Lana's computer, but Don's been camped out in front of it the past week so it makes it tough to blog, work, read, etc. The MAME box is nice but it's a killer on the back sitting by the window. Maybe that's what's been killing my lower back the past few weeks. humph.
New Year's we spent hanging out with Micah, Kelly, and Barb. The Lana and Barb read everyone's cards for the new year and we sat around laughing and joking. It was a pretty kicked back night. Turns out my cards said I'm going to have lots of really shitty months followed by some really great highs. I'm not sure I should celebrate. My Cartouche reading was a very positive one though. Lots of change, according to the cards. Funny. I've been feeling the definite need for that lately but I just can't seem to get out of this rut.
New year's resolutions? First, drop back a notch on the belt. The holidays weren't nice to my belt and all my hard work was undone in just a few months. I need to lay off the milk shakes, ice cream and chocolate. I think it's time to follow through with a few of those things I've been wanting to do. Walking the dogs, work with their training more, get the bus wiring done, etc. According to the cards it's the right time. Self manifestation blah blah blah... ;)
I need to be a little more physically active. I used to love playing baseball, swimming, football, and volleyball. While I was never what would be considered a jock being that I suck at most sports, I do love playing. So there it is I guess. To be more physically active.

(insert Quagmire voice here)
"Oh yeaaaah!"

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  1. Let us not forget, the almighty paintball!