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Friday, January 20, 2006

The Plumbing Blues

I hate doing plumbing work. I really do. Turns out we have a very slow leak in the yard that has slowly progressed to a slow and steady leak. My backyard looks like a mortar-shelled beach with holes and trenches all over. The past few days I've been digging holes tracing the plumbing from the house to the leak. Turns out the line coming from my house out to the meter is buried close to three feet down and tee's off to the garage under the concrete walkway. I voted for the plumber or the home insurance but Lana voted no on it. I reaaaaally hate digging and doing plumbing work. There's so many other things I'd much rather be doing. It's amazing all the stuff I can think of to do rather than - that.

Micah and Chris have been like little crack addicts stabbing the vain every time they belly up their computer for a fix of World of Warcraft. Last few times I talked to Micah it was the first thing out his mouth. "You got it yet?" I feel like I'm in The Mouth of Madness where everyone keeps asking, "Do you read Sutter Kane?" World of Warcraft has ate them and replaced them with pod people. I'll be breaking the vain as soon as I get this damn plumbing shit done. I can only hope that I don't get sucked down the rabbit hole as bad as them but I have a sinking feeling I won't be that lucky. The image of them sneaking the game in on my computer keeps creeping up on me like the way the pod people would hide pods under the beds of unsuspecting sleeping folks.

I'm pretty tired today but I think it just comes from a lack of quality sleep. I've been staying up way to late and getting up earlier than my body is used to. Today I think I'll try to finish my new canister filter for the fish tank. Yeah, a new DIY project. I've been photographing it as I go so it should be up on the website in the next few years or so. ;)

well, that's all for now folks...

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