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Born in Houston, Texas and raised all over living the life of an Army Brat. I Went to eight different schools (three elementary, one middle school, four high schools) and have one little brother who’s not so little anymore. I’ve been married for nearly fourteen years now to a woman who rocks my world and I've been blessed with two wonderful children. Our dog, Sally, is a big black lab saved from a local shelter.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Tuning Back In...

wildlife54Wow, it's been a while. My brother called me the other day to tell me my dad tried calling me. I could here the smirk in his voice when he said dad was worried about me since he noticed I hadn't updated the blog in a few weeks. I didn't realize how long it had been until then. World of Warcraft has sort of eaten all my computer time lately. If I'm on the computer, I'm "in the Matrix" as Lana so kindly puts it. I've leveled up pretty good the past few weeks though! My character, Ahkillu, is now level 43 saving towards his mount. Anyways, I've been a bit bad about managing my computer time. I did take a few days off though when we went to the San Antonio Live Stock and Rodeo.

Marcel was entered in a few categories and took a few ribbons home. Not first but who cares? My baby looked great in his cowboy hat, boots, and chaps. We had a pretty good time if you exclude our hotel nightmare.

We drove around right through the ghetto of San Antonio (thanks Yahoo maps!) looking for the place before finally finding it at the very end of the river walk. We half-ass'ed noticed the place was being remodeled but we were pretty tired so we checked into our room only to find out that our floor is all on one thermostat. Yes, they could move us to a room with an individual air conditioning unit but it would be on a non-smoking floor without a balcony. We were already on a non-smoking floor (despite Lana requesting it on her reservations) but we had a balcony where Lana could smoke her lungs' content. Lana was put to the tough decision I couldn't help but find amusing. A steady supply of cool air or hot filtered nicotine and tar... I slept without covers. We woke to the lovely sound of jack hammers pounding away the next two days. Lovely huh?

The rodeo was great. We went to the carnival, saw the Budweiser horses, and I enjoyed all the cowgirl eye candy. We went back to the hotel and decided room service was in order.

We ordered eighty dollars worth of food and dessert. Marcel's pasta was delicious and my shrimp was savory. The desert was even better. Lana got fahita's with no tortillas. It was the last straw. An hour later, a full refund on our stay (room service included) and our bags packed we were looking for another place to spend our last night. I almost laughed the whole way to the car. Service so horrible you have to laugh I guess.

It being rodeo weekend the only place we could find was out in Seguin. Before we headed out though, we went back to visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch again. We had drove through the day before along with the cave walk-through but we had to do it one more time we liked it so much. We were already running a little late but it was worth it. Our first drive through the favorite, the zebra's, wanted nothing to do with the cars so we had to drive through again hoping to get their attention. We were late to our own Friday night poker game but it was worth it. The zebra's were all personality the second time through. I'm pretty sure we'll be getting season passes. They tell you at the start of the drive though to not feed the animals by hand but most of em expect it. Just a word of caution to those of you who've never done this before; keep the bag of treats anywhere but in your crotch. Enough said.