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Friday, April 21, 2006


I'm now a VIP shopper at Burk's Outlet. Yup, that's right. I shopped until they were ready to close. I do have an excuse though. Lana and I went to play at some APL poker tournament the other night and I had a lot of time to kill. I figured it would be nice to get out of the house and away from the evil pull of Warcraft. I busted out the first ten minutes of the game. It's a wonderful feeling, busting out first. That's sarcasm in case you missed it. So I decided to shop away my blues while blasting away my eardrums to Slayer, bitching under my breath about my play. The whole while thinking I shoulda just stayed home to level up on Warcraft.

I ended up buying a few pair of shorts I sorta needed, some t-shirts I didn't need, tools I could have done without, and cd's I could have downloaded. I did feel better when I was done though, so that's all that fucking counts. The woman checking me out gave me the most horrified look when she hit the total button. It's like her face said in neon, "You're gonna pay that much for this shit??". I just grinned and shrugged when I handed her my card. It was a good feeling or at least a good distraction.

I've added a new blog to my list in case no one has noticed! It's a pretty funny story really and I'm sure others will find much more amusement in it than I do. I posted a reply to one of her blogs and thought I'd be cute by mentioning I found her on a google search (wink, wink) and asked if I could link to her. Turns out she has Site Meter and knew what search phrase I found her on. I was busted red handed so I did the only thing I could; suck it up and roll with it. I guess it could have been much worse though. I'm just glad I didn't find her site off some of my other searches. ;)

I should probably go to bed. I'm in babble mode I think. I just can't help it though. Lana's playing Zuma, I don't have enough time to do anything on Warcraft, and I'm enjoying the air conditioning in the office. That's right, the office air conditioning is working! We'll be able to play poker tomorrow without sweating our asses off. I think I'll be sitting out tomorrow's game. Here lately I seem to getting more tilted up than is good for me (and everyone around me) and it might be time for a poker break. I haven't reached the throwing cards stage but I am letting these bad beats get to me. I'd like to think that I'm normally not a sore loser but I feel like a punching bag for medium hands lately. I won't bore you with the details but it really sucks busting out when you move in with the best hand time after time. Getting busted just straight up sucks ass but it's even more insulting when you know you had the best starting hand. Anyway, I've rambled enough. Lana's still playing Zuma so I'm going to go waste time doing some more Google searches and check out some racks. 'Night all!

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