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Friday, April 28, 2006

Time Flies By

It's Friday already. This week just flew by. Last weekend still feels like a few days ago. Tonight is poker but I'll be sitting out the first game. I've finally done it. I hit level sixty with Ahkillu a few days ago and I'll be running Molten Core tonight with my guild. I'm pretty excited. It'll be my first raid. :)

Not a lot going on around here lately. With me having leveled to sixty I took the past few days off from the game to do some much needed laundry. My side of the bathroom was looking like a Goodwill Donation pile with the dirty laundry almost completely blocking my closet. So I've been catching up on my CSI, Law & Order, and movies the past day or two on my new fifty inch plasma.

After a year or two of hassling, Lana finally gave in and let me loose in Fry's with the credit card. The one thing Lana asked was that I spend the extra fifty dollars to have it delivered. I'm sure she's still having nightmares of us moving our projection TV into the house. It didn't stop me from trying to fit it in the truck though. It didn't fit so I had to have it delivered. I hardly got any sleep on Wednesday night. I kept waking up to check the clock, afraid I'd miss the delivery guys. It was like being eight all over on Christmas Eve.

I should probably be cleaning right now. The office is a mess, I'm still undecided on what to do the bird nest. We left the office window open one night and sometime during the day a bird made a nest right in the sashed up curtain. It probably won't be coming back but it does look pretty neat there. Well, I better go for now. Lots to do today and I'm running out of time. I still need to get Ahkillu ready for the raid. ;)

See ya!

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