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Friday, May 5, 2006

Fight Night!

marcelandthedogs04Yesterday I ordered the big De La Hoya fight and had some friends over. I have to say I thought the first three fights simply sucked but the main event more than made up for it. Even if you're not normally into boxing it was a very entertaining fight. Oscar didn't just beat this guy, he embarrassed him. After all the trash talk, the vile behavior, and unsportsman behavior Mayorga failed miserably to back it up. During the fight a commentator went so far as to say, "Oscar blocks with his gloves and Mayorga blocks with his head." Nothing cooler than watching a true sportsman walk away with the win. I guess that's what I like about Oscar De La Hoya so much. He shows a level of true sportsmanship you just don't seem to see enough of these days. Guys like him in sports are a dying breed and it's really ashame. Everything in the world of boxing, as well as other sports, has started to resemble WWF more and more these days.

It was good to see Derek and Jess. I hadn't seen either of them in a while with poker, Warcraft, and the difficulties of real life shit constantly getting in the way. I hadn't roleplayed in ages. I hadn't really thought about it much lately with everything else. There was a little talk about roleplaying but once the fight was over it was pretty late. We ended up migrating up to the office to play some free poker. Anthony's streak of bad luck at the table rolled on even in a free game but to our defense there was no money on the table so we were drawing to anything. Plus Oscar had a bad case of gas wasn't shy about dropping bombs at the table so it was hard to concentrate. It finally got so bad I think he couldn't stand the smell of em and he started going out of the room to drop em. I think it was affecting Magnus. He was streaking across the room and climbing the walls literally. We finally called it quits when Derek beat me heads up.

I should go for now. I need to finish getting ready. We're getting ready to head out to eat. I bet I can probably watch the fight again before it's time to go...

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