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Thursday, May 25, 2006

School's Out & Summer is Here

johnathonkgrad06marcusprekgrad34Hadn't really been up to much other than watching a lot of The Sopranos. I bought season one through three on eBay last week and got them in the mail a few days ago. I'm on Season three now so I need to find season four quick before I finish the one I'm on. Did I mention I'm a bit obsessive? Anyway, I did take a break from the TV long enough to go take pictures of Johnathon and Marcus graduating. Lana and Marcel went to the barn to play with their horse and pony.

The boys crack me up. Marcus was so serious and shy, but he at least pretended to sing. Johnathon was making funny faces the whole time but refused to sing and didn't even bother to move his lips like he was. He did sway a little I think with the rest of the class when they sang We are the World but that could have been the other kids pushing him with their shoulders. I took a lot of pictures and had fun going through them to find my favorites. I figured I'd share a my two of em.

Afterwards I was feeling a little tired so I went to the movies around the corner and finally watched An American Haunting. It was okay. I can't say it was great (cause it wasn't) but it wasn't that bad either. Let me put it another way. I liked the story but I had a hard time getting into it with the damn voice over narration. There were a few other things I didn't like but all pretty minor but they did all add up. Like I said, it was an okay movie. Remind me to never again go to the movies thirty minutes after school lets out though. I had to put up with loud little girls and their horny boyfriends in the back of the theatre. I had to tell them to shut up twice before they finally got bored annoying me and decided to fondle each other in the dark. Fuck. I've become that dad guy who actually came to watch the movie.

Tomorrow I'll catch the early bird for X-men and hopefully avoid all the kids sleeping in on there first few days of summer. Maybe they'll still be in school. A dad can hope...

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