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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Under Construction

remmysignbIt's been raining a lot off and on around here. I really like the rain but I hate looking in my backyard to see how it always puddles up in the middle. Just one more project to add to the ever-growing list of things to do around here. Eventually I need to bury 3" irrigation pipes and drop some fill dirt. Until I feel it's a pressing issue I'll continue to find other fun stuff to do rather than all the stuff I need to do. You know, like making a cool looking turnout sign for Marcel's pony. It was Lana's idea actually. I've been messing around with my unfinished PVC canister aquarium filter in the garage so when Lana mentioned going to the hardware store I jumped. It's not everyday Lana wants to go so I was all over it. I finally found the right drill bit to hang the hose hanger by the porch, priced some mini fridges, showed Lana the nail guns (I finally convinced her I need a compressor after putting up the new fence), bought some chain, and wood for the new sign. I found everything except the 3/4" PVC female adaptor, the main thing I went looking for.

I love the smell of warm sawdust. They should put that stuff in those car fresheners. Marcel and Lana helped by imprinting the templates we made to the wood and I dremeled them out plus I got to break out my new router for the first time. I think it came out pretty good.

Later today I plan on finishing my PVC canister filter. That is, if I don't end up building an alcohol stove. I have absolutely no use for one but it's really cool and looks easy to make. I was catching up on a blog I read now and then when she writes,
"I still need to buy long underwear bottoms, a 4-6 liter water container, hiking poles, some JB Weld so I can make an alcohol stove, some alcohol for that stove,..."

It was right around there I zoned out and stopped reading. It's like telling me,
"All I need is Duct tape, a shower curtain, and an old curling iron"

It peaks my interest anytime someone mentions some sort of construction project big or small. Now I just need an excuse to make one. I wonder if my brother could use one when he goes fishing. I can't remember the last time I went camping. Maybe it's time, with summer here, to finally do that camping trip we've been talking about for so long.

Recommended Movie: Little Otik
Lana, Helen and me were sitting around a few nights back trying to figure out what to watch. I put it on IFC just to see what was on when we became mesmerized by a tree stump. I love this movie! It has that 1980's horror movie feel to it that you just don't see in cinema anymore. It reminded me classics like Puppet Master, Dead Alive, and Basket Case. It's a fun watch and here's a movie quote!
"It seems you need to lock hoes up these days."

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