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Sunday, June 25, 2006

On the Road and Back Again

drivein01bWow, the past couple days just flew by. We're finally unpacked and laundry is caught up again from our Tusla trip. I drove Marcel and me out to Tulsa to pick Lana up from her horse show thing and figured we could do some stuff up there as a family. So we hung out at the show a little longer and watched the ponies showing. Lana says we could easily train Remmy to pull a buggy. I have to admit it was pretty cool and I'm more than a little interested. I can deal with a pony I think. It's big dumb animals that make me nervous. Anything that's got the brain the size of a walnut and has me by over a thousand pounds makes me a little nervous. I could take down a pony if I had to I think.

Turns out, there isn't a whole lot to do in Tulsa. We stayed at an awesome hotel, went swimming before we checked out, then hit the road. We made our way back home and stopped out in Dallas and enjoyed the day there before stopping for the night in Ennis. We visited Half Price Books, we browsed and drooled at Hobbytown USA, Lana browsed through some western wear shop, and we ate some really great barbecue. It was a pretty good day to do nothing in particular. Once it started to get dark, we made our way to Galaxy Drive In. I had been counting down to it all day and wanted to get there as early as possible.

The last time I went to a Drive in had to be when we were still living in Hawaii and I was a year or two older than Marcel is now. We got there pretty early so we parked to get a good spot. Lana didn't want to watch from the back of the truck so Marcel and I climbed on top of the truck when the movie started. We used to always back up and open the back of the van so we could lay down and watch the movie at the same time. Sometimes I would fall asleep in a bundle of blankets and pillows and not wake up until we were slowly driving off. I vaguely recall us going with one of my dad's army buddies once and we were in a small car. My dad rigged up a mosquito net. It had to be when we were in Louisiana but I could be wrong. Talk about a lot of memories coming back. We didn't stay for the second movie since it would get us back much later than we wanted so we left during the intermission. I can remember trying to watch as much of the second feature as I could from the back window of our car as a kid as my dad drove off, wanting so badly to stay. This time I watched through my rearview mirror. Wow, I can't wait to go back.

Turns out, there's a big revival of Drive ins all over Texas. There's even an adults only one. I like porn but I think that might be a little traumatizing.

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