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Friday, June 16, 2006

Our House in Order

Lana and I decided we need a little order in our life. Again. What makes this time different is that we actually sat down to make a game plan with a schedule and everything. Every now and then we get frustrated with our bad habits and talk about changing them into more productive habits. Sometimes we even form a half-ass plan. Usually, after a few days of talking about it we end up postponing the execution of said plan because of X (Halloween, Christmas, birthday party, etc.) This time we actually decided to just do it. Once we had the list (we made a list together!) it all seems so much easier. This time it's going to happen.

I'm just so fed up with my daily grind holding me back from doing so much. I sleep in until around eleven or twelve (an improvement over our old schedule up-in-the-afternoon schedule I'll add), I feed Marcel and me, then I spend most of the day catching up on laundry, dishes, and picking up after everyone that by the time I get time for myself it's one in the morning. The first thing on our list was getting our house organized.

In just a few days we tore through most of the house making piles for Goodwill and the curb. Marcel's room alone wielded three large bags of trash and two boxes for Goodwill. It was pretty amazing cleaning his room. I didn't know a kid could have so much junk. Lana was stunned how much of his stuff had accessories. It never really occurred to me just how much toys for boys have extras.Backpacks and rifles for G.I.Joe, Power Ranger Armor, swords, Megaman Blasters and boots, Ninja Turtle rocket boots, dozens of missiles for dozens of different launchers, helmets, etc. I could go on and on. Every few seconds Lana would ask, "What's this?" Marcel and I would respond at a glance and she would shake her head. She mumbled something about never wanting to hear us complain about not remembering stuff anymore. Plus she kept trying to throw away damaged action figures. The G.I. Joe missing an arm, the Wolverine missing the foot, the hulk missing a face, etc. Those pieces have more playability than even the undamaged toys. They're injured, casualties, and just plan bad mofo's. I got to keep a few toys for myself that were destined for the curb. Just a few more toys to go on my bookshelves when I finally do those built-ins like I plan. I think the next few months are going to see us a little more together. :)

I should get to bed I guess. I just got back from Mike's poker game. I didn't do too bad. I made a pretty good comeback and took second place plus I got a new 17" flat screen I bought from a friend at the game. I'll probably be up all night though since Lana is out in Oklahoma on a horse show. I sleep like shit when she's not in bed with me. I always sleep better knowing she's there. I think I'll catch up on my Sopranos. I'm on disk two of season five. ;)

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