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Monday, July 3, 2006

Fourth of July Weekend

Wow, we woke up waaay late today after playing poker. By the time the last game finished up it was near six in the morning. The lawn guy came by and mowed the whole yard, front and back, and I never twitched in my sleep. We had planned on going out to Moody Gardens this weekend and then the beach but with all the rain we just weren't up for it. We've been trying something a little different on our game and opened the option for a full addon to feed the pot. "Sixth Street" Lana took me out as usual. I love my baby but I swear I think she guns for me.

I had planned on putting together my table saw but the guys invited me out to Johnny's place to play some WoW so that's where I spent my Saturday and early Sunday morning. I hit level twenty two with Scabbs! It had been so long since I played there I had to reinstall all my addons. I forgot how much fun the game really is. No worries though, I can stop whenever I want.

Oh, I finally got a MySpace account! I finally broke down. After seeing it in Playboy and Southpark I knew it was big but I never realized how big. Everybody and their brother is on there. I found an old friend from middle school that I used to hang out with plus a few x-girlfriends some of which I probably should block. It was really awesome catching up. He told me about the old neighborhood, how he's been, and we reminisced a little. It's funny though. I know he's all grown up just like me, but I still see him as a skinny hyper guy with braces I used to hang with as a kid. I've got a few more people in mind to look up over the next few days. I still hadn't found "Double Bass" James D. Last I heard he moved out to Florida and turned into a true blue kicker. It'd be nice to catch up with James again even if he turned in his combat boots for cowboy boots.

Anyway, time to get back to the website. I'm going to be opening up the poker game for a while to the general public to try it out for a while. I've got a new freeroll to post, a few pages to rewrite plus I want to play with the setting on my map page. It goes by zipcode people not your physical address. Good gawd people. So sign it, post a picture or two and move on. Of course, I could always post pictures of my friends for them there. I've got some very interesting pictures that I'm sure others would find truly intertaining to see. ;)
Off to play with HTML!

Oh, our game from last night. Enjoy!

NicknameTime OutRebuysAdd-onsRound OutHitmanRank
Christine2:10:34 am1114Kelly2
Xiomara2:05:44 am114Kelly3
Helen12:58:35 am210Xiomara4
Barb12:09:12 am29Christine5
Mike C.12:03:02 am38Xiomara6
Micah11:58:24 pm18Christine7
Roel11:22:37 pm16Xiomara8
Lana11:12:57 pm16Kelly9
Alex10:46:52 pm14Lana10
Dosha10:46:52 pm14Lana10

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  1. That one girls sisterJuly 5, 2006 at 3:32 PM

    Dosha didn't even make the top ten list...go figure. :)