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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Halloween Rising...

The past week has been a blur of activity. I slept way too damn late today but I did level up my Priest Scabbs last night. He's level twenty five now. I think I got home around five but I can't say for sure I was so tired. I had been working on my reaper skeletons when Micah called mentioning some WoW at Johnny's place. I made some real progress before we headed out and had a chance to break in the new table saw. I was staring at all the scrapwood and realized I didn't have any 1x3's to build the box frames, then it dawned on my I can rip my own 1x3's. So I took the old shelves from the garage that we used to cover the windows during the hurricane and made two support boxes. I introduced the fun of power tools to Marcel as well. He loves working in the garage with me and he's getting to the age where he's not content with just watching. I let him drill a few pilot holes to get a feel for the drill, he drilled home all the screws, plus he gave me an extra set of hands for holding up the frame when we put the tops down. I must say, I'm looking forward to him helping more often. The whole thing went pretty quick with his help. It makes me feel a little old to think my son is old enough to actually help. I can't appease him anymore by letting him hand me stuff. He wants to use the drill or use the router. He's addicted to the smell of fresh sawdust and setting resin. I did scare the living shit out of him about the table saw and miter saw. He walks around the table saw like it going to eat him. I know my son isn't likely to ever go in there and mess with that stuff without ever asking but I do still padlock it as well as lock down the miter blade.

I think today I'm going to watch UFC 61 again while it records to VHS for Oscar, do some much needed laundry, then spend the rest of the evening making the latex skull mold, making the skeleton frames and figuring out how I'm going to get them to hold up pumpkins.

By the way, it should be said that drinking and poker seem to do well for me. The last two UFC fights we played a friendly game afterwards. I somehow made it to the money each time. Maybe everyone softplays the drunk guy?? I'm told I turn into "The Drunk Nice Guy." I dunno but I do know that I feel bad. While I was truly trying to play my best game I don't think that drinking was helping my poker face any. I'm not positive but I think Roel and I were heads up last time as well last UFC fight. I was totally blasted. Not a little tipsy but wasted thanks to Noel and Taz handing me shots every fifteen minutes. Turns out Noel was taking water shots the whole night and just kicked back to watch. He did buy me lunch the next day to ease the hangover a bit so all is forgiven. Next time I'm pouring the shots.

Here's our UFC Fight Night Poker Game!!

NicknameTime OutRebuysAdd-onsRound OutHitmanRank
Alex7:04:13 am113Roel2
Helen6:09:48 am113Roel3
Christine6:00:56 am112Roel4
Xiomara6:00:44 am12Roel5
Tracy5:19:24 am111Roel6
Mark5:08:21 am110Christine7
Mike C.4:37:09 am18Xiomara8
Taz4:33:27 am8Helen9
Abbey4:22:56 am18Alex10
Lana3:42:25 am16Taz11
K.C.3:25:12 am15Tracy12
Shawn2:47:16 am4K.C.13
Eric2:35:57 am3Christine14
Noel2:04:41 am1Christine15

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