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Monday, August 21, 2006

"Ma Hair!!!"

The disapproving momma look...Ma Hair!!!Four hours later it's done!!!
I finally did it. I had it all chopped off. Every summer I bitch about how hot it gets with thick black hair, threaten to cut it off, then chicken out. Nevermind the peer pressure from my wife and a few others who insist I should just leave it alone. I've been wearing it long for over four years now and really just needed a change. I decided short with blonde and red highlights would work for now. I feel like I just lost a tumor off my head. I can drive with the windows down again without eating my own hair or being stabbed by it and no more headaches in the morning from sleeping on it! I feel great. Oh, my ponytail is going to Locks of Love. I mail it off tomorrow.

K.C. went with me and took the pictures. I lost count of the number of stylist there that disapproved of cutting it but at that point I was already determined to get it all cut. To make matters worse, it took me an hour and a half just to sit down to get cut. Then the lady who cut it off took near an hour to style it before sending me to the girl who was going to do my highlights. By the time the color was added, my hair conditioned and gelled, it was a little after nine when we walked out with my ponytail in a ziplock baggy. I was thoroughly exhausted, my stomach in knots, and I still had to go over to Johnny's house to visit with an old friend in town. When I got to the party Johnny offered to my my new groupie (how gay is that???), Dosha said the new do was sexy, and Lana says it's the perfect length for grabbing. It was a bit of a shock to everyone despite me talking about for years but I think overall everyone liked it. If they don't, they should keep that shit to themselves. ;)

It was a bit weird being around Josh again. Josh was someone I knew way back whenever there was a mystery smell it was "James did it", Micah still wore his hair long, and Chris had hair. All in love Chris! (In a non sexual way of course).

We went our separate ways after a rather nasty falling out that doesn't need to be aired here and we never made amends so it was a little odd to be in the same room with him again. All in all though, it was good to see him again. I was already exhausted when I did get there so we didn't stay long nevermind having a lot on my mind. It's was a pretty busy weekend that was followed up with Lana leaving on a plane for Vegas a few hours ago.

So tonight I'll stay up watching movies while Marcel sleeps. Prolly gonna eat way too much popcorn and ice cream, stay up way too late, and sleep horribly but that's to be expected when Lana's not here. Well, off to stock up on noodles, hamburger helper, and microwave dinners. She comes back on Friday. Someone check on us if the mailbox overflows and the dogs disappear...

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