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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Riding Again

I finally feel recovered from the weekend only to realize it's already here again. We were up pretty late last night watching movies over at Shawn and K.C.'s place only to drive around after we left, listening to my iPod on a early morning Whataburger run. By the time we went to bed it was well past four. I was up a few hours later at seven to get Marcel to school on time. I'm not sure how I managed but he was actually there on time. I got home to crawl into bed only to find I couldn't sleep so I stayed up until it was time for our riding lesson.

I hadn't ridden in so long I forgot how much fun it really is. I'm finally at a level to where I'm not being constantly corrected on my bad riding skills or maybe they just decided to leave good enough alone. I really enjoyed just riding around plus watching Lana ride around on Daniel was really amazing. I can't believe how much progress they've made with him! He's starting to fill out so much and he's not looking so clumsy since he's growing into his legs now. I was really shocked and how well they rode together. For our lesson we did something a little new - straight away barrel racing! I had a blast trotting away on Tinker around the barrels plus he really loves to trot. It was hard getting him to walk towards the end of the lesson. I'm hoping next lesson we can hit a trail. K.C. enjoyed herself so much she convinced her man to get her six more lessons!!! Next thing she be convincing him she needs to rent a horse...

I think today I'm going to spend a quiet evening at home chillin with Lana and a few friends prolly. We ended up canceling the poker game tonight thanks to my dogs. I came home the other day to water spraying like a fountain by the office garage from a busted pipe the dogs broke in the yard. I ended up running to the hardware store minutes before they closed and installed a quick shutoff valve and figured I'd fix the rest later. So I get the adapter to connect it back to the house only to find that when the pipe snapped on the outside it must have broke inside the wall as well. What is it with us and water issues? We just had a major water leak in the yard a matter of months ago, our water heater bursts days ago, and now this. So rather than move the game in my house or have everyone tromp through my house all night I just figured I'd cancel. So now it's one more project added to the ever expanding list. I'll need to remove the paneling and sink in order to get to the pipes in the wall. Fun fun...

  • Fix plumbing in garage
  • Patch up attic on 3 car garage
  • Go through all of the storage stuff
  • Tear up the rest of the carpet
  • Install hardwood floors
  • Insulate rest of office
  • Fix upstairs shower
  • Sheetrock living room and office
  • Install lights and fans on the porch
  • Get the bus in the body shop

I won't even go into the list of "Fun" stuff...

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