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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Skulls, School, and Sweat

skullcasting02bMarcel's back in school now. He would have had his first day of school on Monday but they weren't taking any registrations so they sent us home. So he missed the first day of school but they told us it wouldn't count against his attendance record. He was pretty disappointed about not getting to go. I hate seeing him try so hard to be a big boy especially when I can't fix whatever it is that's upsetting him. He toughed it out though and we got him all hooked up on Tuesday. He's been jumping out of bed but I know that won't last long. I guess I should enjoy it while I can.
This morning stuff takes some getting used to but I'm liking it. I stay up after we've dropped him off at school and I actually get stuff done. Probably not all the stuff I should be doing but I get stuff done nonetheless. I got both skulls to my reaper statues casted now and the foam is cut and ready to be routed. Tomorrow I'll actually latex the hands, route the foam, and add the chicken wire if I'm still feeling energetic. The weather has been wonderfully hot and mosquito free the past couple of days so I've actually been working in the backyard. It's a good way to avoid cleaning the mess I got in the garage but I really do enjoy working outside on the Halloween stuff. In between castings I run around the yard chasing Sally or playing fetch with Bree. Stitch is constantly underfoot of either dog literally biting at their ankles. It's really pretty funny to watch. I end up sweating my ass off but I do like the weather despite all the bitching I do about the heat. It's better than cooking in the stuffy heat of the garage under fluorescent lights.

I'll probably mess with it all some more tonight and start routing the foam pieces that way I can jump straight to the latex hands. I'm really wanting to knock these out so I can move on to some headstones. As soon as I get my driver's license issue taken care of, I'll be planning a trip to the graveyards out at Galveston. Turns out the precent where I received the no insurance ticket when I drove the bus back was never dismissed. They took the cashier's check I fedex'ed them for court fees and ignored the letter from my insurance company that the cashier's check was folded in. You know, the document stating I had insurance at the time the prick cop gave me a ticket despite showing him the title with the date of transfer being the day before. So now I have to fax three different offices proof of insurance and wait fourteen days to see if they correct the problem so my suspended license can be reinstated. The only reason I found out I was driving with a suspended license was because I got a blackmail letter from the Department of Public Safety stating they wanted their money or I couldn't get my driver's license back. Then to make it all the more interesting, I couldn't fax them proof since Verizon cut off our long distance privileges for not having paid a phone bill we never knew about since it was in another account under our name. I won't go into details on that pile of crap. Okay, I feel better now. I had to vent somewhere. Anyway, like I was saying - in the next week or two I'll be planning a Galveston graveyard trip to get some new ideas for headstones. ;)

On another note, I made this really kick ass background for my Myspace account. ;)
I like it so much I'm probably going to change the style of my site to match the x-ray look.

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