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Friday, September 22, 2006

Geek Week

davidbdayparty02Have I mentioned how our neighborhood association rides our ass on any little thing? Well, their latest beef with us is the dead tree in our yard. We finally got a reliable and awesome fuckin lawn guy here in Crosby so I asked him and his crew to take it down before the association sent out their neighborhood hitmen. Last week it was a "down branch", the time before that it was "torn blinds in the window", before then it was "no blinds in the windows", and before that it was the "flower beds need maintenance." I could go on and on. We've gotten in the habit of calling them nasty grams they come so often. I guess it's really not that bad of a deal considering it's in the best interest of everyone to keep our neighborhood looking good but it is a bit much when they're hounding you within twenty four hours of a branch falling to take care of it. I mean, daaaaayaaaamn get a life.

Anyway, so I finally get our lawn guys to cut the dead tree down. I walked over to inspect the stump wondering how I was going to get it out since it's bad for the lawn. Stumps attract termites and ants plus I'm sure the neighborhood association spy stalker is just waiting in my "overgrown flower beds" to send us nasty gram about it too. That's when I noticed the concrete in the middle of the stump. I bent down to look closer and noticed rebar sticking out. Weird. I don't get it, but it's only going to make taking out the tree stump even more difficult. I'm not sure HOW they got concrete and rebar in the middle of the tree much less why they would. Maybe that's why the fuckin tree died. It had concrete and metal bars shoved up its stump. Anyway.

I should be getting ready for poker night. I still need to get the chips ready, clean up a bit and check my email. So what am I doing? Listening to Queensryche, playing in Photoshop and looking at porn. Ah well.

Oh, just for fun, here's a picture of Helen at David's Birthday party (this awesome photo was removed at the request of Helen so a substitute is presented from that day). David wanted to have a Roleplaying themed birthday party this year. It brings a tear to a geek's cheek knowing the next generation of gamers are just around the corner and under our guiding GM screen of protection...

Micah GM'ed the kids through their first roleplaying experience with characters, dice and pencils. They started their first session as themselves on Halloween night trick or treating when they were transformed into the characters they were dressed up as! It was a really awesome idea and my gm cap goes off to Micah for a well run game even if some critics like Jayce weren't too happy with their Health. ;)

Jayce: "What's our Health points?" as he scratches his head studying his character sheet intently.
Micah: "Everyone has a Health of twelve."
a short pause from Jayce...
Jayce: "That SUCKS!"

I think I hurt myself laughing so hard. Makes me wanna roleplay more even though we just played last night. The geek in me comes out in the winter months more I think. I'm even getting the itch to log onto WoW...

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