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Monday, September 4, 2006

Genitorturers Kicks Ass!!!!

genitorturers01I don't know if anyone knows this but I've become something of the myspace junky these days. I have a few of my favorite bands on my friends list and I noticed last week that one of em was coming to town!! I was originally going to go with Chris and Micah but both of them decided they should go to work instead. So then I was content with going by myself. While I really don't mind going by myself, concerts are always better with a friend or two. After a little hinting around and finally just straight-up asking, Lana agreed to go. I knew she'd like Genitorturers but I didn't know if she'd dig the big crowd all cramped into a small warehouse club downtown. The last concert I went to was Gwar so I had high expectations. Turns out the club it was at, The Engine Room, doesn't quiet pack em in the way The Meridian does. I did manage to get Lana to wear this hot ass outfit to the concert but she chickened out at the last minute and never took the t-shirt off. Some girl, who was flirting with her, did ask her to lift her shirt up so she could see her outfit better. Oh, to be a chic and ask random women to lift their shirt up...

To top it off we were the "old folks" in the room. I think the only people there our age were the roadies and a few of the folks running the club. I had a few beers and smoked a few cigarettes while we patiently waited for the place to fill up some more. I guess the club owners were waiting for the same since the concert didn't start for a full hour and a half later after the scheduled time. The first few bands were really not bad at all but I came to see only one. The place never really filled up and the first few hours were the most mellow I've seen at a concert. I did have some little Mexican hotty flirting with me most of the first few hours. She was a ballsy one too, constantly flirting even when Lana was with me. Lana went to the restroom and she came over to talk to me and asked if I was there alone. Even afterwards she kept coming over and rubbing on me when she thought Lana wasn't looking. I was feeling pretty damn good about myself despite the fact that the guy she came with stood roughly six foot somethin and two hundred plus pounds of ass whoopin. That is, until drunk girl moved on to about three other guys in the room before the night was over. The guy she came with helped her stumble her way out of the club. Makes you wonder. I was her first choice of the night before she reached "drunk girl" level so I can walk away with a little self respect.

genitorturers39The place did seem to fill out a little more as the evening went on but Lana really wasn't feeling very good by the time Genitorturers took the stage. I felt really horrible she was feeling so bad. I offered to leave early a few times but she insisted on staying. They put on an awesome show. Nuns were raped, the cross was rubbed on in obscene fashions, and many a bare breasted women were spanked on stage. A top notch concert. Besides, everything is better topless. Okay, almost everything. Anyway, I had a blast. I just wish Lana would have been feeling better and enjoyed it as much as I did. I even got a picture with the lead singer!! I swear I've never been more turned on more by a sweaty, tired chic as I was just then. I touched that sweaty warm vinyl and I was ready to rock some more. My head was still vibrating from the concert and my heart pounding away. Fucking Awesome Concert. I'd be her groupie if she let me.

We ended up driving out to Denny's for a late dinner/early breakfast where we got the usual clubs-just-let-out shity service. We did find out what a true drunk ghetto girl sounds like when she's flirting. It's not attractive and Lana almost let her know with her fists. I got us out of there as soon as we finished wolfing down our food. Our waitress shot me a dirty look when she realized I didn't tip her for rude behavior and crappy service. I got in the shower sometime near five in the morning. The spike gel was amazingly easy to wash out. I don't remember much after that other than crawling into bed. It's good to sleep like a rock now and then. I'm looking forward to Black Label Society in September already. I forgot how much I love to feel music tearing through your every pore. ;)

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