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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Queensryche and Reapers

queensryche01I've finally made some real progress on my reapers for the first time in over a week the other day. On one of them anyway. It's now completely covered in burlap, the foam is now glued on with the trim routed with a nice edge finish. I had to use the dolly to move it to the yard to add texture to it with the heat gun and water hose but it looks awesome. Sometime tonight I'm going to be adding Monster Mud to it so it should be fun. I'm suffering from the last minute panics these days so I plan on hitting Halloween stuff like a hurricane for a while. I've got another reaper to do, a scarecrow to put together, my armor to sculpt, mold and cast, and Marcel's sword to finish. Too much to do and as usual I've waited until the last minute. Fun, fun. This year's Halloween party theme is "Movie and TV characters" so it pretty much will cover almost whatever anyone wants to be but with a little direction. Lana swears it wasn't her idea but I have witnesses this time. I'm pretty wired right now but it might have to do with my head still ringing a little from the Queensryche concert last night.

Micah and I drove out to Dallas yesterday to catch them at the Nokia Theatre. I was really surprised to see the crowd turnout. There were lots of folks our age there but there was a lot of folks there older than us. To put it in a blunt manner, it was MILF central. It was sitting room only, which was a little annoying, but the place was pretty damn big. They did the whole album Operation Mindcrime then moved on to Operation Mindcrime II after a intermission. I can't say I was too wild about a few songs off the new album and I can honestly say I didn't like the last song, but the rest was pretty freakin' awesome. Even after performing for three hours, they came back on stage to perform two more songs. We got home sometime after three in the morning. I slept like the dead. I think Lana tried to get me to go with her to the barn but I was too damn tired to get up. I would have liked to have gone now that I'm awake but at the time I was only thinking about more sleep.

I should get back to work I guess. I'm preparing the clay to lay over on my Fiberglas dummy so I can start sculpting tonight. Plus I'm going to try and get the scarecrow started. I might see if I can enlist Micah to help tonight with some of this. Figure afterwards we could watch the UFC fight he missed since he had to work last Saturday. I get to watch Matt pull a win out his ass and beat the shit out of B.J. again but this time without the butterflies in my stomach. ;)

Hey Oscar, where's my twenty dollars??!

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