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Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Day to Relax

marianbdayparty03_012The weekend's end is finally in sight so it'll be back to work on Halloween stuff tonight. It was a nice little break. I've really come to like the cash games on Friday nights and it's nice having it at the house now after the tournament has run it's course. It's a much more laid back atmosphere. Everyone's relaxed, visiting, and just having a good time. With no worry of the blinds going up on your stack there's more time to just play when you want. I love it. We called it quits around three in the morning and Lana and I ended up falling asleep watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It made getting up in the morning pretty hard but we weren't too late getting to Marian's birthday party.

It's hard to believe she's already three. She's growing up so fast. She's not really a baby anymore. My baby bottles have been tossed out finally and I have a few diapers that will probably just get thrown away. I've run out of excuses to hold on to my baby walker. Maybe they'll have another one... ;)

Mike hired a clown, barbecued, had a pinata special ordered, and had a moonwalk set up for the kids to burn off some extra energy. The kids had a blast. Hell, I had fun. I was majorly impressed by the clown he hired, Lulu the Clown. She not only kept the attention of the kids, she had them participating and the adults laughing. She even managed to get some of us kids at heart to jump in the fun even if she had to give us a helping nudge. A very professional show that I'd highly recommend to anyone with no weird aversion to clowns. I swear Poltergeist scarred my generation with a fear of clowns. Stephen King's It (I refer to the book of course) didn't help matters.
It was an really awesome show and I even wore a plunger on my head by the time it was all said and done. Xiomara was nice enough to take pictures of course. A very good birthday party for my little niece.

We got home exhausted but we didn't let a little fatigue get in the way of the UFC 64 fight night. We were up until after midnight watching UFC 64 with friends, recapped the Tito Vs. Shamrock fight, and watched the Hughes Vs. Penn fight. When all the blood and violence was over we migrated to the office for a friendly game of poker into the early morning hours. I slept in today to say the least. It was a damn good weekend but I'm glad it's over. :)
Back to the Halloween crunch!!

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