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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Reaper One Complete!!

halloween2006_001I've been pretty absent on the computer lately. The last-minute panics settled into the pit of my stomach and I managed to spit out a pretty damn good reaper in a few days, I've sculpted the first part of my armor, plus I got a scarecrow out in my front yard now. Halloween feels days away to me. I'm pretty excited about this year. I'm putting the reaper out in the yard tonight. It'll take some work by myself being that it stands well over eight feet tall. I've even started the second one. I'm on a pretty good roll so far. I can only hope to keep my pace and get everything done in time. My garage? Total mess. I'm going to need to clean it in order to find some stuff. I've now started to lose tools in the mess and that's always a bad sign. Lana left for Memphis this morning so it's just Marcel and me until sometime Sunday. I was originally going to go with her but last minute change of plans has me staying at home and K.C. going along with her instead. I was really torn on going. On one hand I wanted to go with Lana and spend the weekend with just me and her together, but on the other, I have a lot to do around here and I'm on a deadline to boot. So this weekend I'm going to be burning the midnight fuel. My goals while Lana's away...

  1. Cast first have of body armor.
  2. Sculpt back half of body armor.
  3. Finish reaper number 2.
  4. Rip up carpet in bathroom.
  5. Begin ripping up scrapwood into smaller pieces for the fire pit.
  6. Feed the cat.
  7. Remember to sleep, shower, and eat now and then.

Well, back to work for me.

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