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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Short Interlude

clouds01What a beautiful day. I got up way later than I wanted to but I figured a day off from the Halloween stuff wouldn't kill me and would probably be for the best anyway. I'm always more productive after a break. The last thing I need to do is burnout just a few weeks from Halloween. The garage is looking pretty bad but the front armor piece is looking good so far. I ended up heading out to Northshore Marine in hopes they would have resin microballoons filler so I could experiment with getting a smoother finish on my Fiberglas casting. As it turns out they were all out but after a nice conversation with the owner of the place, I think I finally got a cheap solution to getting smooth finishes on my castes. After I clean up the garage, reorganize my tools (and thoughts), I'll start with a clean slate on the back armor.

I took this picture on my way to Lowe's for some much needed plaster (seventy five pounds of it) and some more junk brushes for Fiberglas. I took this picture at a stop light just before beltway eight. As some may know, I got a new toy. It's a Olympus 810 and I love it. It's small and slim enough to fit in my pocket everywhere I go (it's slightly bigger than my cell phone), it's durable with shock resistance, water resistant, and shoots movies with sound. I've wanted one of the Stylus series for a while now, and couldn't resist when Micah told me it was on sale at Best Buy. It does require a special battery since it's so small but it holds a charge for good while. The battery died on me yesterday after using it pretty frequently on a daily basis since I got it nearly a week ago. Be prepared for more photos. ;)

I'm in a pretty relaxed mode tonight and I think I'm going to finish reorganizing my garage. Cleaning is such a purging process, physically as well as mentally. I got the old boom box that came strapped to my bus hooked up to my iPod. It looks pretty ghetto but it works still and puts out some decent decibels when I ask it to despite being almost as old as my brother. It's going to be a busy weekend so I probably won't get to work much on my stuff until Sunday. Sorta like leaving town for a few days, it's always nice to come home to a somewhat clean house to relax in. :)

Off to clean...

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