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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Horde Vs. Hitler

barn_sunset02We've spent today being pretty laid back for the most part. After Lana dropped Marcel off at school this morning we ended up going to the barn for a little while. I got to ride Danial for the first time. I've been a little leery about riding him. I mean, do you really want an unexperienced rider on the unexperienced draft horse?? As it turns out I was nervous for nothing. He was very well behaved and I really didn't have any trouble with him other than trying to get on his big ass. I thought I could get on without help but I did have to get a boost from Lana after the first few attempts. Better to accept an embarrassing boost than to fall on my ass trying to get on him I guess. I wasn't feeling too brave to lope him but I did get to trot him around a bit. He's got such a neat trot. You can count the beats as he swings his legs around and really fall into a nice little groove. I can't wait to lope him but I think I should wait until I get my confidence up just a bit more. After working up a good hunger, we went out to Backdraft and had some awesome barbeque. We'd both been craving barbecue every since watching a documentary on the history of American barbecue. The things you'll watch at two in the morning when you can't sleep... At least I haven't degraded to watching the Hitler Channel.

Speaking of Hitler, I had a most interesting conversation with Marcel today. He's been learning a little bit about World War II in school as well as the history of America. Turns out they're still teaching kids in school that American Indians were savages, but that's another conversion entirely. This one Marcel and I had on the way back from school today. It started out with him asking me if it was true that Japanese people were against Americans during World War II. So we got into this conversation with me trying to explain to him how a man named Hitler had his own ideas on how other countries should be run and decided to take them over. It was difficult to simplify something as complex as World War II but I think I did alright after rambling on about five minutes. He was really quiet in the back seat so I asked him if he had any questions. He thought about it for a while, petting Sally next to him, as he choose his words. While the wording isn't exact it's pretty damn close.
"So basically Hitler was like a level sixty beating up on a bunch of level fifteens or something. Japan is a big guild or something who went to help him after the level fifteens got their level sixty friends to help. America is like a level sixty but with all purple gear. So it was sorta like Hitler versus the Horde then right?"

"Ummm... yea, sorta."

What do you say to something like that? I'm pretty sure I've crossed a new border into the kingdom of Geekdom but my son was there with me so how can I be nothing but proud? Brings a tear to my eye...

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