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Friday, December 22, 2006

Banned by the Boy Scouts of America

I'm going to vent just a little here so be warned. I recently got Marcel signed up into the Boy Scouts. I remember when my brother was involved in the Boy Scouts and I have some very fond memories. We had great leaders and our parents were always involved. I thought it would be nice to be able to provide Marcel with those kind of fond memories as well so I applied to be a Leader. I got the call on Wednesday to inform me that I was being declined for Boy Scout Leadership due to the content on this website. The tone in her voice was one of pure disgust and I was a little shocked. Anger came later. Yes, my website reflects the opinions of an adult of which are not appropriate for children to read. Yes, it does contain some links to some "pornographic" material. Am I going to be handing out business cards to the children with my link? No. Am I going to be providing other parents with my website address or personal email? No. As with everything in life there is a time a place for everything and I'm well aware of that. I'm not a fucking idiot. I had planned on designing the pack a website that would provide everyone email addresses and a forum so they could get a little organized with better communication. Meantime I had set up an alternate email address. I know that not all people are tolerant of how others choose to spend their private time so I was willing to tolerate their bigoted beliefs so my son could enjoy the good things they have to offer. I was willing to open my home to them, give them my time, and my will to help make the boy scouting experience for their children, as well as mine, a better one.

Unfortunately for them (and the kids) they're too caught up in the fact that I'm not one of them. I don't go to Sunday service of any kind. I teach my son about the many beliefs of people around the world and how they all have something to offer. I don't ask any god for blessings nor to I give thanks to any god for my accomplishments. I teach my son that he determines his level of success in life and that he's capable of whatever he sets his mind to. I don't teach my son that sex is nasty and that masturbation is sinful. The little curiosity he's shown in sex has been met with open and honest answers on how it's a natural and beautiful thing that adults do. We answer no more than what he asks about but we're honest with him. I do browse "porn" (by who's definition?) now then on my private time though, so that makes me someone "not to be associated with".

It was apparent in the five minute conversation we had that compromising never crossed their closed minds. I was willing to change my site if they asked despite the fact that the only way other parents would find me would be through googling me or "inappropriate material". I would have gone so far as to transfer my domain to a new name ( was at the top of the list) and changing some of the content. But that would have meant them accepting someone with different beliefs into their little click. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. I was angry that they would dare declare me an "inappropriate" Leader because by saying I'm unsuitable to be around children implies I'm an unfit Father. How dare they. It's a direct insult to the depths of the person I am.

Marcel will participate in the Derby race and then we're done. I feel truly sorry for people so close-minded and judgmental. It's no wonder they have a hard time retaining leaders and active scouts. Lana and I have decided we'll just make it a point to go on outings, taking his friends and ours along. We've decided to treat ourselves this year with camping gear for Christmas. It's not like the local Scouting group was organized enough for camping anyway. I was told by one of their leaders that if I wanted to camp I should organize it myself because they don't.
Wow, I feel much better now. That's been eating at me for days.

Okay, the rant is over and I now return you to your regularly scheduled Blog...

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