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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lost Puppy Found

Just a quick post:

This puppy was found in the Newport neighborhood on the 28th of December wandering the cul-de-sac on Mariner Ct. She was found with no tags or collar. If you've recently lost your puppy please contact me at

Thursday night, while visiting with Micah and Kelly, a little girl from our neighborhood knocked on our door with puppy in hand. It was pretty late so I told her I'd take the puppy and find her owner so she wouldn't have to. I knew I'd be fighting the "Let's keep her!" argument from Marcel and Lana but last thing we need is another puppy despite how cute and very affectionate this puppy is. It is tempting but I know that someone in our neighborhood is missing a very happy and lost puppy.

I went door to door in my neighborhood placing fliers hoping to find her owner earlier today. I figured after running into a few rude neighbors it would probably be less intrusive to put fliers out then knocking door to door like I was originally. Silly me thought that door to door would also be a great way to meet a few of my neighbors. So if you live in the Newport neighborhood and have recently lost a puppy, email me.

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