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Monday, December 18, 2006

Three Decades of Me...

At 6:29 a.m. yesterday I became three decades old. I honestly hate the idea of it. It's the idea of getting old that bothers me. I can honestly say I've not thought about it at all hardly until the past month or so. It's a little scary to look back and realize thirty years of my life are now behind me. It's made me a little restless the past few weeks to say the least. It's almost paralyzing at how quickly the time passes. My dad called me up to wish me happy birthday and he said something that really made me think. My dad is forty six and he pointed out that we're not all that far apart in age. The gap seems to close even more when I consider how much more we have in common these days. If only I could get him to play poker now...

My baby Lana invited friends over, she cleaned, grilled, and she even got me a birthday present. Lana loves giving presents so much she can never wait. She made the comment that she finds it very amusing that she can still shop for both Marcel and me at Toys R Us. I got four castle expansion sets for Heroscape!!! I have a pretty big map set up in the dining room that I randomly add pieces to when I'm pacing the house (which I tend to do a lot of these days now that I think about it).

It was a wonderfully relaxing day spent amongst my friends. We ate too much food, had cake (they even sung happy birthday to me), drank a little, and played a relaxed game of poker while all the kiddos watched movies and played with toys upstairs.

I find it really neat how all my life games have brought me and the people around me closer. When I was younger it was games like Spades, Pictionary, Fireball Island and Nintendo. Many a nights Michael, my dad, mom and me were spent with a Nintendo controller in our hands playing Super Spike V'ball. Some nights it was spades all night. Then I got older and found Dungeons and Dragons, Palladium, GURPS, and Magic: the Gathering. Here these days we find poker is a damn good excuse to hook up. My life seems to have always revolved around games. Games have brought new friends into my life and brought old friends closer.

I should go for now I guess. Lana just called me and is making cookies down in the house with Marcel and Helen. I answered my cell with just a click on my bluetooth headset and hardly missed a stroke on my keyboard. I talked to Tracy for ten minutes about WoW while driving in the rain in Houston traffic. I don't know how I drove without this thing. Off to eat cookies. A little something before I go though...


I got the greatest letter from Britt for my Birthday. Turns out she went toe to toe with her momma, arguing and yelling, about my birthday present. Kelly found it really amusing that I've all but stolen Marcel's red wagon for various stuff around the yard so she decided to get me a wheel barrel for my birthday, something funny but useful at the same time. Brittney thought that idea just sucked and was willing to wage war with her momma over it. Maybe I'm just a bit too sentimental but I was very touched by the gesture. That was better than ten Heroscape castle sets combined.

Oh, the wheel barrel is bright red. :)

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