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Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Deep Breath of Fresh Air

enchantedrock2007_05I haven't been camping since I was kid. We used to camp on the beaches of Oahu and spend the night chasing crabs up and down the beach as the sun went down. I've got a lot of really good memories camping with my parents. I forgot how much I love falling asleep outdoors.

It was perfect weather for it other than a light drizzle of rain that came down a few times. We spent our time walking the creek, chasing frogs, and climbing all the rocks. We even climbed Enchanted Rock itself. I'm really glad that Laura and Charlie thought to invite us along with them. I would have liked to have brought Sally along but there really just wasn't room for her in the truck this time around for her. I'm hoping next time we decide to go camping we'll have a cargo shell for the top of the truck. We were only there for a few days but I think it did us all a little good to disconnect. It was a little weird not being able to call for directions on our cell phone but we did alright and enjoyed the ride up.

We even stopped at our favorite San Antonio place, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. It was pretty packed and it took us over an hour to drive through but it's always fun even when it's not that great. I even got to see the Ostrich "want some dick?" dance. It was even more amusing with Lana's commentary although I hear Kelly's is much better.

About forty minutes from the campsite we lost complete cell phone signal. No voice mail, text messages or internet connection. It did make the drive there a little more nervous since we couldn't call anyone for directions but we managed to find the place eventually even with mine and Lana's sense of direction.

I got some reading in while Marcel played on the rocks. Finished one of the three Sci-Fi books I'm reading, reread parts of another and overall just took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. I'm really looking forward to heading out again. I can see how camping can become a very addictive (and therapeutic) thing.

Speaking of camp, as soon as we got back the very next day Marcel packed his bags and headed to Horse Camp! He seems to be enjoying himself. His horse for the next few days is Daniel so he's pretty happy about that. They're packed this year!! I think last year they had half the kids they do this year. It looks like Lana's website is really making a difference for their barn. Lana's really busted her butt on that website so it's good to see it working out. I don't think a lot people realize how much work goes into a website sometimes especially one that requires constant updates and advertising.

enchantedrock2007_65Marcel and Britt didn't spend the night with the other thirteen (thirteen!!!) kids so Lana had the great idea of letting them camp in the backyard with their friends at our house. They roasted hot dogs, stuffed themselves on smores and curled up in the tent and promptly passed out. It was truly a very nice evening. To top it all off, tomorrow my dad moves from McAllen to Victoria! He'll be all of three hours away. My brother and I head out on Saturday afternoon to help him unpack. Have I mentioned it's been a great week so far?

Oh, a little somethin before I sign out. Just before we left for camping I got a package from Amazon. Now I had been expecting a book so when I opened it up I was already bitching to myself when it wasn't the book I was expecting. I was immediately aggravated and working myself up to a good mad. I was ready to start the emails and phone calls to fix my mixed up order. Then I got to the bottom of the box to find a note from Josh. He had read The Walking Dead and thought to send me a copy since he knew how much I love a good zombie story. I was a little more than floored. I was quick to assume the worst and surprised to find a gift. Thanks Josh!!

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