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Monday, June 11, 2007

Fun with Silicone!

crosbyrodeo07_17So it's been a very busy weekend yet again. We did our usual Friday night poker game. I hadn't been playing online much lately. I think it has mostly to do with the fact that if I'm online lately it's reading and staring at vivarium tutorials.

We did a lot of running around on Saturday. Marcel and me went to Johnathan's birthday party where we visited a bit with my dad and I got to drool over Johnathan's Xbox 360. I've never been one for video games longer than a week or two at most (WoW was a binge addiction that has ran it's coarse) but I can't help but go "oooooooohhhh..." with Marcel watching the demo run at Gamestop. So we grabbed him a game and I resisted the four hundred (FOUR HUNDRED! impulse buy that would have gotten my ass whooooped at at home if and when I decided to go home with it. Like the kindda ass whooopin' you got when you were twelve after you said 'Yes Mommy Dearest' to yo momma. Sorry, that was just me but you get the point. It is a very nice system and I'm really considering one after seeing some of the games they got out for it.

After the birthday party we hauled ass back to the house where Lana was getting ready to go pimp some adult toys with Kelly. While the girls did that, Micah and me took the Marcel and Becca to the carnival and rodeo. Marcel and I watched the rodeo but, before too long, got bored. We hit the rides until I almost puked. We got on this spinning thing so much that by the fifth ride I wasn't sure I could handle a sixth ride. Somehow I managed another when Marcel wanted one more ride before we hit the road. I almost puked when he mentioned working up an appetite. I've never been one to have a weak stomach so I'll just chalk it up to a lack of sleep.

The past few days have gone by pretty fast. It's already Wednesday. The good news is I've made lots of headway with the tank. The glass is glued and water tested, the false bottom complete and glued down, the hood almost done and the lights wired for action. Only thing really left to do is wait for glue to dry, stain, and decorate the interior. May not seem like a lot but I'm growing impatient. I hate having to wait. I think I should take Marcel out to the park and look for some more bog wood and rocks. By the time we get back the glue should be dry enough for me to finish the hood plus it'll keep me from fucking with it before it's dry. I'm feeling a little restless today unless it wasn't obvious. Well, off to tromp through the park with Marcel...

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