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Friday, June 29, 2007

Off the Shelves

So I finally decided to get up off my ass and actually prepare to put in the bookshelves in. It occurred to me the other day while watching our frogs that I've gotten rather good at simple woodcrafting (emphasis on simple). Which brought me to mind the shelves that I've, well, shelved for so long. I think part of me putting them off for so long was simply a lack of confidence when it comes to taking on such a big project. So I brainstormed a little more, went over my old notes and measurements, and decided I needed to go to Lowe's for a few things.
I do some of my best thinking just roaming the isles of Lowe's. It's a creative process really, where I just stroll and plan in my head, baking up random ideas from the equipment and hardware right off the shelves. Sort of like the opening scene to the Ray Bradbury Theater but rather than a great story afterwards you get some crazy ass project cooked up in my head.

Once I got home I did the next big thing that helps me think; I cleaned and organized. I reorganized the two piles of books and compressed them into one large mountain in the dining room. It took most of the evening but the "reading room" is now clear with the exception to the fish tank and Helen's toy chest. I love digging through books. I do have the habit of getting distracted but that's the fun part. By the end of it all I had a nice little stack of books that I wanted to make sure stayed close to the top so I could easily find them again. Marcel helped with some of it and he grabbed a few himself including a publisher's copy of The Golden Compass. One of the great things about working at a bookstore was you got some good stuff like this before it hit the shelves. I remember tearing through the story pretty fast and waiting for the next book. I eventually forgot about the story, waiting for part two to come out. Now I get to read it again but this time with my son. I even found the old bookmark still in the book that I stuffed in the middle of the book when I finished it. It was a jack of spades from one of my deck of cards laying around my dad's house. It's kinda weird to think that the last time I touched that card I was nineteen years old.

Lana's now thirty one weeks along. It feels like "any day now" but I know she still has some time to go. Olivia is kicking all the time now. I can feel her kicking my back at night when we're in bed when Lana has her belly against me. Sometimes she kicks so hard I can't imagine it not hurting like that. Lana tells me she likes to head butt her cervix and punch vital organs. She particularly likes ice cream.

We were watching The Watcher in the Woods with Marcel a few nights back when Lana tells me Olivia likes ice cream after she took a bite of mine. I eyeball her suspiciously and give her another bite of my ice cream. She tells me again how much Olivia really likes the ice cream. I again give her another bite of my dwindling bowl of ice cream but then I see Lana's belly move. When I say move I mean like Alien style belly roll. It was really neat/weird. I guess the shock was on my face cause Lana turned to me and said, "I told you she liked ice cream."

Well, I'm about to hit the road and go visit my dad. I'll leave ya with a few photos from the past. I've been scanning pictures again and found these in the picture box.

Marcel's first experience of snow was at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He had fallen face down in the snow. It was Lana's idea to take the pictures. Marcel has since then forgiven her for not helping him up right away since he doesn't remember it anyway. ;)


  1. Oh wow, The Golden Compass? If I hadn't left them in San Diego, I'd give you the rest of the series. As much love as I have for Harry Potter, the His Dark Materials series is actually the superior piece of literature.

  2. I remember really enjoying the first book but since it was a publisher's release it still had a while to go before it hit the general public much less book two. I'll prolly get em all off Amazon and read em straight through with Marcel. It'd be a nice change from all the hard science fiction I've been reading lately.