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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Nesting Begins...

It's been an oddly calm past few weeks despite my lack of blogging. We've been busy "nesting" I guess. Lana decided to tear town all the wallpaper in the bathroom. Talk about some flashbacks then add to the fact that Lana dug out all our 8mm tapes and played them on Kelly's camcorder.

Lots of memories lemme tell you. Lana dug out our old camcorder and I was tasked out to get it on the big screen tv. After lots of jacking with it, our camcorder eventually starting playing. All it took was a little old school Nintendo cartridge repair. Yup, I blew into the damn tape deck and it starting playing.

It was really weird seeing ourselves nearly ten years ago never mind seeing our Marcely looking so little at various stages. The plan is to upgrade my computer and transfer all the tapes to dvd.

Marcel's been gone for almost a week it seems. His grandpa took him to Victoria for a while and then his uncle swooped him up off to Seaworld. He had a blast with his uncle though and they got lots of very cute pictures. He passed out around ten after his uncle left. I think that's a new record. Anyway, I'm babbling.

I think I'll go back to playing in Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Bridge. If you're a picture junky like me, you need Adobe Bridge. Saying it's bad ass is an understatement.

We've been going through the picture box, setting up picture frames and organizing pictures. It's only a matter of weeks before Olivia is born and I can't tell you how excited I am. Lana gets another ultrasound on her next appointment!!! :)

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