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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Break for Bloggin

oliviacarseat18So not a whole lot going on these days other than lots of tools, dust and paint everywhere. I should be working right now but I'm taking a small break while I wait for my thin set mortar to set up a little. Everyday we make a little more progress but it never seems like a lot until we're too exhausted to do much more. We decided to paint the bathroom cabinets and tile the closets too so it's been back to the bathroom. The good news is that the dining room is pretty much done. The past few days I've been tearing out the false beams in our living room. I managed to drop the hammer on my toes, smash my thumb, and fall off the ladder. Don't tell Lana about the ladder part. :0

So I've now got all this scrap wood from the desk and false beams that I'm just dying to start working on my bookshelves. I've got a few jigs to make and a poker table to sketch out. With all the harvested lumber from all over the house I should have plenty to make my cylinder turning lathe, circle-cutting jig, and bookshelf pin jig. I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to get a little crazy around here with Christmas around the corner. I'm pretty damn excited about it despite being a little tight this year with so much going on.

I love Christmas time. Hopefully we'll get the tree up soon. We came soooo close to getting a fake tree this year but Lana couldn't find one she liked. Christmas just doesn't feel right if the tree is fake to me. The smell, the shopping for the right one, stringing the lights on... I need to dig out all the Christmas lights and figure out what the tree rats (squirrels for all you squirrel lovers) didn't ruin last year. I've slowly started to loathe the little tree dwellers. They tore up my lights, They found their way into my office and house attic and Bree is constantly barking at them. She did manage to get a hold of one the other day though. I never did find the other half...
Anyway, back to work for me.

    Remodeling Stuff
  • primer and paint bathroom repaint!! Ack!!!
  • remove tile in entry hall
  • install tiles in closets
  • install new light fixture in entry way
  • install ceiling fan in reading room
  • put a new chandelier in dining room
  • pull down paneling
  • remove faux ceiling beams (almost done!)
  • hang sheetrock
  • texture sheetrock
  • paint new walls
  • build bookshelves
  • install laminate floors
  • move lovesac upstairs
  • sand and paint front and back door
  • move books to bedroom

    Plus the Everyday Stuff
  • quality time relaxin with Lana and Marcel
  • eat
  • hygiene
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • homework with Marcel
  • take care of Olivia
  • maintain damage control
  • take care of the dogs
  • hang out with friends
  • computer time
  • sleep (optional)

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