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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hallow's Eve

So Halloween is over now and I'm not aching to the bone, no hangover and my house doesn't smell like a brewery with half empty cups and beer bottles everywhere.

Although I do miss the occasion to hang out with everyone I can't say I miss the cleanup factor. I didn't get around to puting my Reaper out or my headstones but I did get the scarecrow out with a light installed in the head. Now it looks like glowing eyes and mouth. On the good side it's less stuff to drag in.

I feel well rested this morning. After all the trick or treating was done we had a nice evening eating out and visiting. Marcel got his usual big bowl o' pasta, Lana got a burger and they actually cooked my steak right! It was a pretty relaxing evening. We came home, ate some of Marcel's Halloween candy, and just visited with each other.

It's been a pretty fast-paced few months. It's not too often that the opportunity comes up to spend quality time with each other these days with a baby in the house again. Having a baby is a stressful joy but I do miss spending the quality time with my Marcely and Lana. I know we'll get to a point where it'll become a non-issue and I'll get tore up about missing all the diaper changing, the cat naps, all the drool, and the baby coos. It has been a remarkable blessing having both of us stay home this time around and I have to say I don't know how any woman does it alone. It's not a job for the weak. My hat goes off to single moms. Now that's Hoowaah.

I've got lots of pictures to publish (eventually) but heres a few for now. Marcel got his school pictures in the other day but my computer's been living in the dining room for now. I went out to Chriss' new place last week for some LAN gaming and just hadn't had the chance to take my computer back up the office so new scans will have to wait. Enjoy and

Happy Belated Halloween!!!

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