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Friday, November 2, 2007

Just a Note...

Once Halloween goes by I always think how I'm going to do next year better. The trouble with that is I'm a professional procrastinator so it rarely goes past the detailed planing stage. I'm gonna change that next year - hopefully. I know, I know, "Do, or do not. There is no 'try.'" but it's easier said than done. This year I literally threw together my costume in about twenty minutes. I was going to wrap a toga until Lana whipped out the shear material (it was the only white fabric we had that was long enough). So with that idea busted I figured it was time to put my faux fur to good use. I have about ten yards of brown faux fur that I pulled up from my '66 VW bus that had been sitting in my garage collecting dust. I walked around smelling like a VW. Not an exactly an unpleasant smell but very unique. The guy who owned my bus last lived in the bus for a period of years traveling from Alaska to Mexico.

So I've been thinking a lot about my casting fiberglass technique and I think I finally found the solution to getting a smooth cast without spending a fortune on gel coat. Amongst the audio DIY'ers they call it milkshake, spooge by some. It's a mix of bondo and resin. There's a ghostbuster prop guy who used it to make his proton packs. By mixing the two you get a paintable resin that sands baby smooth and is great for a smooth casting!! It's what I've been looking for to cast smooth finishes and I'm pretty hyped about my next costume. I'm always amazed at the level of depths whole communities of hobby enthusiasts go to. I now know how to make some kick ass custom speaker boxes and panels for the bus later. Costumes first though. I just don't know what to test it out on first...

Anyway, I should get back to work while 'Livie's sleeping. I got tons of crap I need to post on Ebay and Craigslist. Just thought I'd brainstorm a little here. Later!

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