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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Paint, Paint and More Paint

oliviafunkytown21So the past few days we've been steadily tearing away at the house. We're making progress but some days it really doesn't feel like it. We're usually up to until the early morning hours relaxing a bit after a day of painting and hammering. It does feel good to look at what's done so far. I've just got to learn that doing electrical work at 4:00am is never a good time.

Before going to bed I noticed that my bedroom wall outlets weren't working. My frog vivarium was dark and alarm clock wasn't blinking. I had messed with the wiring earlier that day trying to install my new light switches before realizing I didn't buy three way switches. Apparently I didn't wire it up properly since the bedroom wall wasn't working so I figured it was a quick fix. With the bathroom paint complete (or so I thought) I figured I'd go ahead and fix it before going to bed. So I found the right breaker, killed the power and put the wires where I thought they should go. Somewhere along the way of rewiring I managed to get more misplaced wires as the power went out on our bathroom closets too. So it went until around six in the morning when I finally sat down to clear my head and draw out what I knew about the wiring schematic so far. I went online for help and finally managed to get a better idea of how my bathroom was wired. At some point of going back and forth, from the bathroom to the garage, I somehow forgot to turn off the breaker and got a nasty little buzz from my screwdriver. It evidently woke me up pretty well as I finally got it the right combination - or maybe I just got lucky. I really didn't give a shit at that point since it was around eight in the morning and I was more than a little foggy headed and frustrated. The lesson? Always write down your wiring schematic before you start rewiring and leave wiring projects alone until you've had a good night's sleep.

We've been watching infomercials far too much these days. I swear I almost bought Time Life's Soft Rock Collection a few days ago. I did learn about an incredible product the other night though on DIY's late night programming. It's called a Saw Stop. I really wasn't too excited about the product until I saw the demonstration of it and my jaw dropped. I must admit there have been a few times when working with power tools I have quite literally counted my fingers in amazement. When I get around to working with my table saw more it's a must have. Watch the video!!

Anyway, I guess I'll get back to painting and ripping out tiles.

    Remodeling Stuff
  • primer and paint bathroom repaint!! Ack!!!
  • paint dining room
  • remove carpet from living room
  • remove tile in entry hall (started)
  • install new light fixture in entry way
  • install ceiling fan in reading room
  • put a new chandelier in dining room
  • pull down paneling
  • remove faux ceiling beams
  • remove living room desk
  • hang sheetrock
  • texture sheetrock
  • paint new walls
  • build bookshelves
  • install laminate floors
  • move lovesac upstairs
  • move books to bedroom

    Plus the Everyday Stuff
  • quality time relaxin with Lana and Marcel
  • eat
  • hygiene
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • homework with Marcel
  • take care of Olivia
  • maintain damage control
  • take care of the dogs
  • hang out with friends
  • computer time
  • sleep (optional)

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