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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Eve!

babykisses02We're all finally getting over our stuffy noses. I spent many days wishing I could just sleep until I was better. I have to say I think that' the sickest I've ever been in a long time. Olivia and Lana are on antibiotics while me and Marcel managed without. I'm finally feeling human again even if it is a thirty one year old human.

For my birthday Lana decided to take me out, just me and her, and spent the day together driving around shopping. I don't think we actually bought any Christmas presents that day but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not too often me and Lana get to spend the day together with nothing to do but enjoy each other's company. For my birthday Lana got me a new leather jacket. Lana was off looking at shoes and purses so I decided to look at leather jackets. It occurred to me that I just don't have much "grown up" clothes. Sure I have a leather jacket but it also has heavy zippers and big belt clasps on it with chains on it. I have a trench I bought at Goodwill I wear most winters but it's a world war II officer's green trench. Plus I have my old standby favorites, my Army field jackets. So when Lana caught me checking it out she made me try it on and then told me to buy it. I'm glad she did because I really like it. It's something I probably would have priced up and never bought.

So Christmas is tomorrow already. Man, where the hell does the time go? This year was pretty easy getting Lana a present. We budgeted for ourselves less than what we normally do with money being a little tight this year due to remodeling, bills, taxes, etc. but I think I did good. Marcel was the tough one this year. He's getting to that weird age between a kid and a young adult. Then again, Marcel's always been at that weird age. He's always been such a responsible kid. Marcel's biggest complaint about school is that his classmates talk too much and make it difficult for him to concentrate. Wow, does that bring back flashbacks except for me I just drifted off to daydream land. Anyway, so this year we got him something a little more grown up. I spent all of last night and early this morning getting it set up and put together. I can't wait to see his face. I'm rather proud of it and happy we could get something so cool for relatively cheap.

So the plan for tonight is sugar cookies and a little work on the house before The Big Man makes his appearance. It'll probably be a while until I next post but here's a few pictures I finally got around to posting.

The site is going to see a major overhaul during the new year. A new domain name with a more family oriented theme. Stay tuned...


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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