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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Still Scannin'

onthefloortogether02There really hasn't really been a whole lot going on lately. I say that but honestly I just haven't gotten around to sitting down to blog. Everytime I sit down at my computer I end up scanning photos and listening to my mp3's until I'm too tired to think about blogging or something else needs my attention like Olivia, laundry, etc. I'm making good progress in our box of photos so that's always something. I was on such a role I decided to tackle Lana's photo folder on my computer. By the time it was said and done, I had reorganized her Almostheavenridingstables website docs on her computer. I'm not really sure how the leap from my computer to hers was made. I really hate seeing a disorganized computer directory and I don't know I if I could have stopped myself. There were quadruplicates of some photos, all in different locations and with different names!! So now there all in one location and properly organized so that someone sane can find what their looking for.

Lana and I have really been trying to be a little more organized these days so I don't think she minded too much. We did have a small panic attack. Lana had borrowed some discs from John and Jody that we had trouble finding for about an hour. They eventually showed up after tearing the house apart and we found some really great photos. Last year they had a photographer out to the barn for pictures and got lots of really great shots. I'm not sure I could have a more photogenic kids. Anyway, I'm off to scan more photos while Olivia's sleeping. Enjoy!
This was the original photo. The black sheet in the background made extracting the image difficult but nothing a levels layer couldn't fix quickly.
I was really happy with how well this came out in Photoshop. You have to check it out full-size to appreciate the tweaks made. Modified the levels, softened the edges once I removed it from the original image, took the eyes from another photo for Nikki, and added a soft glow. :)

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  1. "I don't think she minded too much."
    I dunno buddy.... we are yet to see if I can find stuff under your definition of "organized". It may not be pretty but ask me what you need hands laid on and I'll lay my hands on it damn it!