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Monday, May 19, 2008

A Monday Tromp

pondtromp06Its been a pretty cool day. Lana and I did a little window shopping for new furniture, ate some scrumptious big sandwiches for lunch, then Marcel and me spent the day tromping through the bushes around the ponds and creek out by the river while Lana worked on the yard.

We had set out looking for landscaping ideas for the tank and ended up finding a lot of other cool stuff. Marcel enjoyed "accidentally" slipping into the pond, I got some great photos, and Lana ended up with some nice Elephant Ears. Marcel took home a turtle shell we found. I did find it a little disturbing considering his turtle is only recently passed away but it didn't even cross his mind he was carrying a dead turtle carcass. It was a really nice day and very productive day. I even managed to putty most of the holes after putting up the trim in the living room. Tonight I'll finish the floor in the "tank room", work on Lana's site some more, and start sketching out my new frog tank design... bwahahahaha!

I'll probably start posting them as I go but until then enjoy some photos from today.


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