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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Work, Work

vivtank_14It's been a lot of back to work around here. Lana's working her business up a few notches, planting flowers in the yard, there's been a lot of riding at AlmostHeavenRidingStables (the website my baby built and advertised!), and I've been working on the house again, plus working on Lana's new business training website. Since the demise of our last cichlid in my tank, I decided it was time for a complete tank tear down since it had to be moved for the new flooring.

It took a few hours to completely clean it up. Draining it was pretty fast as I just took my Rio 1400 that powered the waterfall and hooked it into the gravel vacuum hose. I must admit it was a little sad to tear out something I worked hard on and curb it. Although I was never quite happy with the result I have been quietly scheming my next rebuild. The next incarnation of the tank will be a frog vivarium. The one I currently have in my bedroom has really just gotten a bit too small for the frogs I have in it. It'll be pretty cool to see the six guys in a bigger tank. Yup, I said six. While nailing up the window trim I noticed a little guy in the corner of the window so he went to the tank too. He's got a cool star-like pattern on his back that I'll have to get a photo of sooner or later.

Anyway so it's been a lot of work for all of us lately but oddly enough nice to be moving. I guess I'm never really "at rest" unless I've got something to work on. Idle hands and all that I guess.
Oh, something funny to share with ya before I go off to vivariumforum.

So I finally managed to limp my phone the the date needed for a larger rebate on my next phone. Olivia seemed to really like the sound my phone made when it hit the ground. After the forth super glue it never really shut right and upper part of the phone would pop off sometimes. Anyway, so I got a new phone. So I was sitting at my computer working on a few InDesign documents when I noticed Olivia, who was in her walker next to my computer, putting something in her mouth. I looked down in time to see her putting my still connected phone sync cable into her mouth. I took it away quickly much to her disapprovable. When I looked up to my monitor I noticed the yellow bubble on my task bar...

"Windows has detected new hardware! There were errors during your installation however and your hardware may not opperate properly."

I really should have gotten a screenshot.

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