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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting Dirty

The tank rebuild is coming along rather nicely. I'm not very happy with the look of the rocks but I think that'll just come with more practice. Today I'll be finishing it up and planting. I've already got plans to sculpt something out for another ten gallon to practice on before I tackle the big one.

It's been a pretty busy past few weeks. It's been very hands on with Lana very much into gardening now, and me playing with concrete. Somehow I ended up doing a lot of reading on concrete sculpting when I was reading up on building faux rocks. It's a very cool hobby and I can't wait to do a few. I've still got something like sixty pounds of cement sitting in my garage from when I did my big tank rebuild so I have plenty to experiment with. With Lana working so much in the yard it'll give me a little direction for stuff to work on. I should probably start off with small stuff but I can't help but start thinking of paving stones and retaining walls...

I'm hoping to mix up my first batch of concrete today. I think for my first piece I'm going to attempt to sculpt a bunch of forest spirits from the movie Princess Mononoke. I think those would be neat to have in they yard lost in a tangle of green. Plus it'll give me a good feel for timing. I'll probably take out my clay and practice first. ;)

I bet Marcel would love to do something like that with me. That is, if I can pull him off the damn computer long enough. He might actually realize that there's more to life than playing computer games. I think I'm going to start regulating his time online a little more. He's such an artistic kiddo. Anyway, off to eat and setup some concrete!

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