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Thursday, June 5, 2008

On Track and Off Again

honeybee03Sometimes it seems if it's not one thing, it's another. So I got the new cargo carrier and I'm loving it. I can't wait to break it in with a trip to the beach. I was so excited that I decided to try in on the truck and see how it attaches. Well, it was originally designed to sit directly on the roof of the car and clip onto the rain rails. Most newer cars don't have these anymore but we do have a luggage rack so I sat in on there but now it no longer clears the standard garage door since it's sitting about four inches higher than it was designed for. So I was adding the clamps onto the roof rack when Lana comes in and decides to open the garage to let some air in. It brushed the garage door but seemed okay. I was worried at first but it seemed okay since it came up with just a slight bump. Fast forward about an hour...

I take it off the truck, remove the locks (the woman I bought it from lost the keys), and head off to a local locksmith so he can make me some new keys. It closes without an issue - for now.
When I get home I open the garage door (without incident) and pull the car in. I hit the button to close it when I notice something isn't right since it won't close. I get out thinking it's just being stubborn like it does now and then when I notice one of the rolling wheels is out of the track. I don't think much of it and try to pop it back in place which only seems to make it worse when another one falls out. I disingage the automatic door opener and try to manually roll it up all the way and put the top roller back in. Thats when I notice the cable is keeping it from going that far. I disconnect that...

Somewhere around there I let the garage door slip down. Turns out a garage door is pretty damn heavy without the assistance of those spring loaded cables. It crashed down on a chair I was using to stand on, broke the chair, and tore the back windshield wiper off the truck, and one of the windows broke on the garage door.

A few hours later (with the help of an incredibly good friend to watch the kiddos) Lana and I managed to dismantle, hammer the bent panels back into place, reassemble, and reinstall our garage door.

It worked for two minutes before coming off the track again. We did have enough forethought to pull the truck out of the garage though. So for now we've got a non-operating garage door. The good news is we now now how to install a garage door. We're pretty sure it's a combination of the rails being bent out of shape and the door panels being slightly warped.


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