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Friday, June 27, 2008

Project Complete!!!

vivtank_10g27It's done and I have to say I'm really pleased with how it came out. I didn't get started until the evening when we got back from dinner with friends but it really went together rather well. Lana kept me pretty entertained the whole time reading this cool little book Kelly loaned her with random facts. Did you know that M&M's were actually designed with U.S. soldiers in mind? I always wondered why just about every MRE came with them and not some off brand generic. Anyway. The installation went very smooth except for one small scare.

I say small but there was a point I thought I was going to have to tear the whole thing out and cut out some of my rock wall bottom to allow for more water flow underneath it. When I initially hooked up the waterfall it flowed faster. Too fast in fact. It quickly overflowed the water section since the small gap under the rock wall couldn't keep up with the flow. I had a reverse waterfall into my land. After a moment or two back I remembered my pump has a small flow regular switch. So I just slowed it down and bam! I gots me ah workin' waterfall. :)

The frogs seem happy in their redesigned home and the construction was pretty easy. There's lots of new hiding places for them now and the snail went right to work on munching down on my leaves. I never really knew what snails ate. I always assumed it was aphids or something. So after laughing about with Lana I looked it up. Yup, he did leave that trail of holes on my Peace Lily. Arg. Marcel really likes that snail though. I did google the damn thing and I think I can distract it with fresh vegetables like tomato slices and cabbage. A bonus will be the fruit flies for the frogs so long as they don't get out of hand and out of the tank. We'll see I guess...

And just cause I can...

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