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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back Online After Ike

hurricaneike25It's been a little more than two weeks since Hurricane Ike. We were without power for a little over a week and we just got our internet service restored today. When I called Comcast to find out if we had service yet and the tech said it must have been horrible because couldn't live without by the second sports scores. He then proceeded to rattle off current scores of a few games going on at the moment. I honestly have no idea what sport he was even talking about. I'm not sure my, "Wow, really?" every after every score update was convincing.

We decided to ride out the storm this time although I think next time we will be leaving town. We managed to get all the windows boarded up and the girls even painted a few with stuff like "Tina Ain't Here!". Completely Lana and Helen's idea. It got pretty intense towards the back end of the storm and we spent a bit of time in the closet under the stairs. Afterward was a blur of days spent reading, cooking on the patio by tiki torches on Helen's little grill, and playing Munchkin with Marcel by candles while everyone slept. We were hot, probably pretty stinky from taking quick cold showers, but really not that bad off. We had plenty of MRE's, the stores started opening up pretty fast, and the house was relatively unscathed. Other than a bunch of large limbs in the yard and a few broken roof tiles we came out of the storm prett good. Marlana's bird house, the one her grandfather built for her as a housewarming gift, was busted up pretty good and is now on the project list of things to fix.

Now that we have power and a internet connection, things are nearly back to normal. We still need to tear down the huge tree that fell in my yard, there's the top part of a tree sitting in the yard by the side of the house that needs removing, and we're still waiting to hear back from our insurance about the broken roof tiles but other than that were good.
Good Stuff That Happened While We Were Offline

  • Olivia has decided that walking everywhere is much faster.
  • Marcel discovered there are games that don't require a keyboard and mouse.
  • I finished reading Footprints of Thunder and American Gods, and The Cartoonist.
  • Turns out everyone likes MRE's.
  • I fixed the roof leak in the kitchen before the storm.
  • The huge dead tree in our backyard missed the garage, fences and our neighbors house and hit smack in the middle of the yard.
  • We now have a beautiful Red Eye Tree Frog!

And Now the Bad...
  • The birdhouse Lana's late grandfather built as a housewarming gift broke into a few pieces when the big tree fell.
  • Our roof now has three small holes in it where limbs broke some tiles.
  • My Stylus 810, that I always carry in my pocket, broke.
  • One of my Green Tree Frogs died due to the cricket shortage in our area after the storm.

So with that all that said, I'm off to check my email on something other than a phone screen! Whoo hoo, we have that internet again!!

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