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Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun With Fiberglass

There hasn't really been a lot going on around here other than the usual but that isn't to say we've not been busy. With Halloween just a few weeks away I can honestly say that I really doubt I'll have a costume in time this year. I really wanted to work on mine and Lana's. I was going to be Frank the Bunny and Lana was going to be Gene Simmons. Ah well. I should have known better than to wait so long but the good news is that I'm pretty sure Marcel's will be done.

I've been really happy with how well it's coming out so far. It's taken a few years of hands on working with fiberglass but I think I finally got the hang of it. Now if I could just get my hands on a DA sander and a planer I'd be in good shape for making super smooth surfaces.

  • The backpack is done and just needs straps added.
  • The blaster body is done with a working light at the barrel and just needs paint.
  • The chest emblem is done and needs paint.
  • The shoulder armor needs final sanding and then paint.
  • The helmet just needs the side emblems added and paint.

It's gone pretty good. I do wish I had the time and money to make my molds in RTV silicone or even latex. They would have come out incredible but my plaster molds did the trick even if they needed more finishing work. I honestly see this costume as being the best so far. So long as I manage to not fuck up the sewing part. I'm nervous, to say the least, about sewing four way fabric. Keep your fingers crossed, I'll probably start sewing sometime next week...

Well, I'm off to lose some more money on Full Tilt while I listen to the new Metallica Death Magnetic. I might put out the Reaper tonight if I'm not too tired when Lana gets home from her party. Later!

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